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Three Shocking Facts About Network Security in the US

Since people began to rely on computers for storing private data and information, network security specialists who can perform advanced computer services have been in demand to help protect this information. Yet today, it seems like data breaches and cyber

Why All Companies Should be Using Data Loss Prevention Solutions to Reduce the Threat of Cybercrime

Data security is becoming a bigger concern for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Over the last year, the number of data breaches has skyrocketed as hackers find new ways to break into company networks and steal their

5 Things to Look for When Choosing Hosting Services

Basically every company, no matter its size, needs to do business on the web in order to be successful. In fact, smaller businesses can often benefit from Internet services to an even greater degree than large businesses, since there are

That Extra Touch The Importance of a Human Voice When Contacting a Business

It’s happened to us all – we are calling our dentist, accountant, or doctor after hours and we just need an answer right now. We usually get a voicemail or an automated email that comes nowhere near answer our question