That Extra Touch The Importance of a Human Voice When Contacting a Business


It’s happened to us all – we are calling our dentist, accountant, or doctor after hours and we just need an answer right now. We usually get a voicemail or an automated email that comes nowhere near answer our question and more likely fuels are \”need to know\” fire. This isn’t an uncommon instance. In Fact, just 27% of email customer service actually answers as customer’s question. That makes for nearly 3/4 of customers who have after hours needs leaving with a bad taste in their mouth.
The case for a 24/7 answering service starts with the fact that 59% of people would switch brands for better customer service. That means more than half of your dental patients would be OK with switching to the dentist across the road if he had a small business answering service who helped them schedule a next day appointment at 11am for a chipped tooth. Not to mention, now you are booking business and making money even after business hours. A live phone answering service increases customer satisfaction by giving the illusion that you are there for them at any time.
A live operator answering service can also ease some burden in your office. Imagine clocking in at 8 am to find 5 inquiries that must be addressed immediately. A live answering service would have addressed those 5 inquiries and turned them into business over night. A quality answering service truly works as an extension of your business. The telecommunications industry in the United States employs nearly 25,000 people. By hiring an answering service you are creating jobs and growing your business.
Finally, an answering service doesn’t just keep happy customers happy. It addresses unhappy customers. Did you know? As a business owner, you may only ever hear from 4% of you unhappy customers. that means for every angry customer you chat with, there are 20 more who haven’t brought their complaint to you. This could be happening for lots of different reasons, one being that they can’t get in touch! a telephone answering service ensures that at any given time, a customer can call to give you valuable feedback to improve your business! A small business answering service may be just what you need to keep your business going.

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