Three Strategies That Need to Be Part of Your Content Marketing Playbook


A lot has been said about the inbound marketing strategy known as content marketing over the last couple of years, most of which boils down to the notion that \”content is king.\” It shouldn’t be any real surprise why content marketing has gotten this reputation. After all, according to Inbound Writer, a full 61% of consumers say they are far more likely to buy from a company that puts out original and compelling content than one that doesn’t.

Even with the widely known importance of effective content marketing, a huge number of businesses still struggle with getting it just right. If that sounds painfully close to your business, here are three simple strategies you should make a part of your content marketing playbook to make it more effective.

Three Essential Strategies for an Effective Content Marketing Playbook

  1. Great Content Marketing Requires Serious Planning
  2. Many a business has completely turned their content marketing campaign around simply by building a publishing calendar. By crafting a content calendar, you can deliver great content at regular intervals, something consumers appreciate a lot more than a scatter-shot approach to content. Keeping a calendar allows you to make a promise to your fans and more easily keep it. As an added bonus, it only takes an hour a week to come up with a great content schedule that will improve your marketing many times over.

  3. Content Production Remains Crucial
  4. It goes without saying that the most important part of any content marketing playbook is the content itself. As Search Engine Watch highlights, your writers should tap into breaking news stories, social media trends, industry news, and other exciting stories when producing your content. These are the stories that get customers interested in your brand, and these are the stories that are most likely to keep them engaged. Engagement, as you should know by now, is the name of the game.

  5. Synergize Your Different Content Types to Create Your Own Network
  6. Too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that \”content\” only refers to blog posts and the like. In reality, an effective content marketing strategy will have you active on social media, producing really great blog content, cutting together great videos, and much, much more. As Entrepreneur points out, tying all these different facets of your content marketing playbook together will make your whole campaign infinitely more effective, so long as you treat each individual part with the same amount of attention and care.

What are some of the most effective content marketing strategies you’ve used to get your name out there? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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