Why all Businesses Should Have an App


It seems like today there is an app for everything and most businesses utilize web applications to make customer interaction more efficient but there are some holdouts. Consumers are more likely to visit a companies website looking for specific information before visiting or calling the actual location. Although the business name and address may come up in the online yellow pages if there is no site, app, or further information available, potential customers will likely move on.

Spending a little time and money on business application development could make your business more accessible to consumers and thereby increasing customer base and revenue. There are a couple other important factors to consider when weighing the benefits of website and application development that may just sway you in favor of this venture, which I have listed below:

  • Accessibility: As of 2014, 42% of adults in the US owned a tablet computer and 90% a cell phone, 64% of which were smartphones so I guess you could say that the average American consumer can access the internet from almost anywhere. A number of smartphone owners depend completely upon their smartphone device for internet access, which means they do not have internet access at home or lack any other devices in which to connect such as a laptop or desktop computer.

  • App use: The use of web applications have become even more relevant since the windows 10 launch, which utilizes apps as shortcuts in lieu of desktop icons, creating an ease of access not unlike the mobile applications can be downloaded from the app store. Contrary to some belief mobile apps are not only for big business and are being used to a greater extent by small and mid-sized businesses.

If you are under the impression that mobile application development is going to be an expensive time-consuming project, then you should know that a few companies out there are making this process simpler and more affordable for small business owners. If you don’t have the expertise to do the app building yourself it can be done for you by one of these companies or there are options for easy to use tools that will help you along the way, sort of like a learn as you go process. By doing a little research you can find which company would be the best fit for your business and your budget so you can start reaping the benefits of this trending tool.

The bottom line is these mobile apps have become an important marketing tool for businesses by helping you to stand out from the competition, making accessibility for customers much easier, and significantly increasing visibility. Whatever reasons you have for not already creating a mobile or web application for your business just consider all the possible benefits because this could possibly be a very smart business decision for you with little to no downside risks involved.

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