4 Tips for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation


Bad PowerPoint presentations can be really bad, and there are a lot of ways a good presentation can go horribly wrong. To avoid boring your coworkers to death, take a look at the following tips for improving your PowerPoint presentation slide design.

Four Tips for an Effective PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design

  1. Forget about PowerPoint. Okay, that sounds totally counterintuitive, but you have to remember that your PowerPoint slides are meant to supplement your presentation, not be you presentation. The point of the slides is to illustrate and expand upon what you?re saying to the audience. That means that you need to know what you?re going to say ahead of time. Before even starting to put your slides together, first outline your presentation on paper and plan out your talking points.
  2. Take it one slide at a time. The only thing on screen at any given moment should be the very thing you?re talking about and nothing more. As you?re speaking, your audience will take in all of the information presented on the slide. Do not give them too much information before you?re ready to address it. Each slide should have its own singular message. If your slide gets ahead of your talking points, your audience will read ahead and wait for you to catch up. Remember, as the presenter, it is your job to control the flow of information.
  3. Limit the text. Do not put everything you?re going to say in a big block of text on the screen. Again, your slides should illustrate your points, not explain them with words. First of all, if your entire presentation is available on the screen, why are you even there? What?s your purpose? Second of all, no one is going to take the time to read a chunk of text. They will be much more willing to listen to you discuss it with visual aids to help their comprehension.
  4. Don?t overlook the importance of aesthetics. PowerPoint presentation slide design matters. You want to keep your audience engaged, but too much ?flash? and ?pizazz? will just be obnoxious. Avoid the temptation to throw in cheesy effects and tacky cartoons. Good PowerPoint graphic design focuses on simplicity, readability, sophistication. For instance, you should stick to sans serif typefaces for the body text because they are typically easier to read. Always use dark text on a light background to avoid giving your audience a headache. Finally, avoid clutter by inserting just a few bullet points and no more than one or two images on each slide. To ensure that your slides look professional, hire business presentation design services or PowerPoint services to work with you.

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