Tips and Considerations for Buying a Heat Press Machine

The world’s most expensive t-shirt, titled Superlative Luxury, is currently on the market for $400,000. You’re probably wondering why should a t-shirt cost that much. Well, other than being a powerhouse brand, the t-shirt is exceptional in many ways. First, it’s made with organic cotton and under green energy conditions.

Secondly, and here is where the heat transfer press machine comes in, The Superlative Luxury features an articulated heat-pressed circular pattern that symbolizes a bright sun. The pattern is even more intricate because it’s complemented by details of diamonds.

The use of heat transfer technology has been widely used in creating such high-quality print works that add value to a product. A heat press machine is used for transferring graphic design artwork, pictures, logo onto textiles. If you are thinking of buying your first or investing in a new t-shirt heat press machine, there are things you need to consider to get the right machine for your business.

Choosing the Right Heat Press Machine for Your Business

Pick a model and go right into specific features such as force, pressure and temperature, warranty, quality and customer support.

  • A heat press offers a wide range of transfer applications from digital heat and screen printed transfers to sublimation and embroidery designs. How’re you going to use your press? This will inform you to determine the type of pres you need.
  • High-quality presses offer superior printing performance and can withstand the test of time with constant clumping and heat pressing. Therefore, it’s pay to spend more on quality and efficient press for increased production.
  • When choosing a heat transfer press machine, you’ll find that most presses come with a standard platen measuring about 16\” x 20\”. If you going to print large and oversize textile or canvas, then consider a larger platen for more flexibility. Most importantly, the machine you pick should have custom platens available for printworks such as caps, hats and shoes.
  • A responsive and committed tech support can ensure a quick fix to a damaged heat press in case it develops problems along the way. Downtime in the printing business can be costly and frustrating. That’s why it’s necessary to have a reliable customer care team that handles your issues whether it’s online or by phone.
  • Time, Pressure and Temperature are vital variables of an efficient heat transfer press machine. Most advanced presses feature these components to enable durable heat transfer application. Without them, it could compromise the quality of print due to improper time and pressure control.

Lastly, consider the loading ability of the press. Modern presses have varying loading speeds and this can really influence your work rate. Go for a press that allows you to load once and can easily rotate when printing different t-shirt sides. Don’t be in a hurry to buy, invest more and get a quality heat press.

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