Buying a Paper Roll? Here’s What you Need to Know

have you seen engineering drawings that are intricate, detailed, and complex, to say the least? Such elaborate drawings cannot be printed on normal paper and they require a special type of paper called plotted paper rolls. These engineering paper rolls are highly essential and are used across various industries such as construction, design, and manufacturing besides the engineering field.

These plotter paper rolls come in many types and sizes to suit different preferences, so you should understand the considerations that go into choosing the one that best meets your needs.

Some of the aspects you should take into account while choosing the right engineering paper are as follows.

Plotter Machine

The demand for engineering diagrams has led to the proliferation of plotter machines and printers. In fact, there are many different types of machines sold today and each of them accepts only a specific kind of paper. This means you should know what types of paper rolls are compatible with your machine before you head out to buy them.

Size of Paper

Plotter paper rolls come in many sizes such as 30 X 150, 36 X 150, 30 X 500, 36 X 500 bond paper, and more. Note that plotter paper roll widths are expressed in inches and common roll widths for wide-format plotters include 11, 17, 18, 22, 24, 30, 34, 36, and 42 inches.

The dimension of your paper will again depend on your machine to a large extent. You’ll have to choose a size that can be used optimally by your printer. You can find this information in the printer’s manual or check with the manufacturer, so you can buy the correct paper roll accordingly.


Plotter papers come in not just varying sizes, but also in varying textures. Out of the many choices, engineering bond papers are popular because their texture is highly versatile and can be used across different industries. They are also affordable and suit well for large-scale printing. Tyvek paper roll, on the other hand, can withstand high levels of breakage for you. Vellum papers are of high quality and more suited for inkjet printers. These paper rolls are mostly used for printing the final version of documents. Gloss papers come with lines that engineers like to see, but they are not suited for inkjet printers.

This goes to show that the texture of paper determines where and how it is used, so this is definitely an important aspect you should consider.

Besides these important aspects, cost and availability are other areas. If you require large quantities, opt for a paper roll that is both inexpensive and at the same time, gives you good output. If you’re unsure of the right kind of paper you need for printing your diagrams, you can always reach out to professionals who can give you the right suggestion based on your needs.

Thus, these are some of the aspects that can help you to zero-in on the right paper roll that will best suit your needs and preferences.

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