5 Tips for Buying the Best Digital Camera


People have more ways to share photos than ever before. On the popular social media site Facebook, users have uploaded more than 250 billions photos. And an estimated 350 million new photos are added daily. That’s just on one internet website!

The invention of the digital cameras with DSC (digital still camera) and digital photography have changed the way people take and look at photographs.

Of the estimated 610 million people who own digital cameras, 72% use a digital camera as their primary camera. If you’re considering which digital camera is best for your needs, try answering these 5 simple questions before buying any digital cameras with DSC.

1. What Will You Use it for?

Knowing what you plan to use your digital camera for can greatly narrow down your search. Do you want to be able to take the camera and shoot photos underwater? Maybe you’re planning to use the digital camera to create a time lapse photo project on spring gardens. The reasons you want a camera and how you plan to use it will help decide what’s important to you when choosing a camera.

2. What Features Are Important to You?

For many people, making a camera selection comes down to the features a digital camera offers. Different people need and expect different things from a camera. Here is a list of some popular features:

  • video capabilities
  • megapixels and photo resolution
  • digital vs. optical zoom
  • battery life
  • image stabilization
  • lighting adjustments
  • viewfinder type

Many newer digital camera also include sharing technology, which allows you to email or post photos to various social sites directly from the camera.

3. How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Fortunately, with so much great technology available, you can even find cheap digital cameras on sale that take excellent photos. Before buying a digital camera, make a list of the features you want, then set a budget. Look for cameras within that budget that match the most of your requirements. Don’t think you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a quality camera.

4. What Do Other People Say?

Digital camera reviews can be extremely helpful when selecting a camera. Ask family and friends what cameras they like or dislike. Online reviews can also prove insightful. If 20 people are complaining about the same zoom flaw, then you know it’s a model you should stay away from.

5. Do You Like How It Works?

Go to a store and ask to test different models. Ask people you know to try their cameras. Getting a feel for how a camera actually shoots and playing around with different features is a great help when trying to decide which digital camera to buy.

It is estimated that 10% of all photos ever taken have been taken in the last year. Start adding your own photos to the mix today. Go try out digital cameras with DSC for yourself.

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