How Safe is the Cloud?


The term ‘the cloud\” has been in public usage for the last couple of years. So, what is it, exactly? The cloud is defined by services and software that store the necessary data needed to run on your computer, on the internet instead. This frees up space on your laptop, your cell phone, and your tablet. Television and movie services and instant music streaming are two such examples. Have you ever stopped watching a show on your television and later played it on a laptop or tablet? The cloud in action. Other people are using the cloud too, of course. People with your information. Wonder who? Read below.

The government already uses the cloud and wants to increase its availability. Not to worry, the government cloud security is extensive. Why? Because although the cloud allows you to keep some space free on your devices, that data still needs to go somewhere.

There are data infrastructures all over the world holding on to the information placed in the cloud. And those data infrastructures use quite a bit of electricity. The government actually hopes to lessen their current data system costs by 30% by using the cloud computing model for their IT services.

Businesses who use the cloud stated in one study that the smooth transition of passing documents from one device to another was one major reason for adopting the infrastructure. In another study of large cloud-using companies, 59% again said they used it for the ease of communicating between departments, from development to operations.

So the cloud is used by you, the government, and businesses. But the cloud is a way to store information on the internet for easy use, and that information must still be stored away somewhere. Someone is managing the massive data centers where all of those files are stored. This is where cloud broker services come into the game.
Cloud brokerage companies are intermediaries between those that have data to store, and those who can store it and keep it safe. Cloud broker services include finding an excellent data center, ensuring proper security measures are in place, and negotiating prices.

It looks like the cloud is here to stay, for now. As we move towards using more and more electronic devices, the ease of passing information among them quickly is too great a convenience to give up easily.

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