Four Reasons Why Your Company can Benefit From UX Research


User Experience or UX is a popular term commonly used in the computer design industry. The definition of UX is basically the experience a user gets from using a product. UX encompasses every aspect of the end user. This includes the use of products, interactions with a company’s services and interactions with the company itself whether in person or online website interactions. Optimizing user experience on a website helps set your business apart from the others and helps your business stand out from the rest.

Increased Sales
Whether you’re a large business or a small business user experience can greatly increase sales for your business. Currently only approximately .06 percent of all products are actually connected to the internet. Roughly three quarters of businesses believe that UX research helps improve sales and conversions.

Increase in Brand Image
By utilizing ux, brand name development can be implemented for your product. Brand image affects customer loyalty and helps to establish trust between your company and your customers. Repeat customers not only offer word of mouth for your business, they also tend to spend more on subsequent visits, typically 67 percent more than first time visitors.

Increased SEO
SEO is more important than many people think, as it helps generate organic traffic to your site. Organic traffic is designed as visitors which visit your site after performing a Google search. Effective UX research helps to contribute to longer times customers spend on your site and increase page views for your site. These things combined help to contribute to higher rankings for your site and small business. Higher rankings means more visitors which means more sales.

Customer Satisfaction
It is important to have a high customer satisfaction rate, since this increases customer retention. Building your companies loyalty with an approximate 5 percent more customers can lead to increased customer profit, with ranges being from 25 to 100 percent. Many businesses believe that user experience increases their customer satisfaction rate.

Approximately 69 percent of marketers say that the most important aspect of their website is unique and dynamic content. Your website makes a direct reflection on your business. Innovative design and innovative strategy can help boost sales and bring in customers. Once you start utilizing your websites user experience you will see endless opportunities.

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