3 Web Design Tip for Businesses


At this point, the face of most businesses is their website, and it has the power to make people turn away or to come back for more time and time again. That’s why so many businesses now have designated web development departments, and work hard on outreach with methods like search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and extensive marketing online.

But for many businesses, especially the ones that are new or small, these extensive measures are simply not practical, or affordable. Small business web design help them put their best faces forward and make the best website design that they can, putting their very best face forward.

For those little guys, here are some key pieces of advice to help them as much as possible in their journey towards the perfect web design:

Less is More
It may be tempting to jam pack every page of your website with products and services descriptions and images, but the truth actually is that less is way more. By featuring one piece of text, image, or idea on each page, you are directing the user experience and giving each potential customer something to focus on. White space does a lot for the aesthetic appeal of your site, as well, making it seem crisper, cleaner, and more professional.

Design Matters
Choices like color scheme, typography, font size, and placement all matter on your site. It is a great investment to work with a graphic designer to make your site as professional and easily navigatable as possible, and to develop graphics and a logo that reflect your company.

Brand First, Design Second
You can only customize your website once you have a solid brand identity! Make sure to identify your brands values and customer service ideas before you commission any work. After all, you want every aspect of your website’s design to be reflective of your company and it’s mission.

Small business web design is a great way to prove integrity and good service to your customers. Make sure to work with your web developers to come up with a great contemporary web design and development for you.

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