Our Countries Need for Speed and the Benefit of Lightning Cables


We live in a time of speed. We want everything we do and use to be fast. We order our food, expecting it to be ready immediately. We want raises and promotions as quick as possible. We want to get married and begin having children as soon as we meet a potential spouse. We want all of our technological devices to work, as quickly as possible. If they hesitate at all, we may return the phone or complain to our cellular providers. We also expect our phone chargers to quickly charge our devices, having the ability to use them for hours at a time. In a world that is so focused on speed, it is important that we have lightning cables for the many technological devices that we use on a daily basis.

Currently, the iPhone 6 takes one hour and 50 minutes to charge using a 12 watt USB power adapter and the iPhone 6 Plus took 2 hours and 30 minutes. Most consumers will quickly jump on the purchase of a device that can charge their iPhone?s even quicker than that. The lightning cable is a popular purchase with any cellular device or mobile laptop, because it has the ability to charge these devices much quicker than the standard cat5e cables.

Most cellular consumers are also willing to pay more for lightning cables, because speed is everything. It is a popular myth that HDMI cables traditionally cost $50 or more. While stores do charge a great deal of money for a single HDMI cable, there is no reason you actually have to pay that asking price. There are ways that cell phone users can save money on lightning cables and other bulk USB cables.

Firstly, purchasing anything in bulk will generally save you money. The same goes with cables. It is likely that most cellular phone users will go through a variety of lightning cables. They may misplace them, forget them somewhere or have to replace a damaged one. Purchasing in bulk will save you on the cost of each highspeed HDMI cables and it will also ensure that you always have one available. Most people feel lost and withdrawn without their phones, which can happen when you do not have access to a cable to fully charge your cellular phone.

Some people may benefit from having longer cables. However, the length of the cable generally does not matter when it comes to quality. The length of the cable does not matter when it comes to the quality of the audio or the video. The only time the length of the cable matters is over great distances. If you need a cable that is 100 feet or longer, you should invest in an HDMI cable specifically designed for that purpose. Those consumers needing cables this long can choose from different sized cables. A 100 ft HDMI cable or a 500 ft Ethernet cable may serve the purpose of the length for the appropriate quality.

Cables are a necessity to owning any technological device. Without the cables, we would not be able to charge our devices, making them worthless. We would also not be able to transfer information from one device to another. This is one of the biggest benefits of owning multiple devices. Most users enjoy transferring things like photos and documents from one home?s device to another device in the home.

Our world is very focused on speed. We want everything, as fast as possible. This included our technological devices. We not only expect them work quickly, but we also expect them to charge just as quickly. This is why so many people invest in lightning cables. Lightning cables may have higher price tags in retail stores, but can often be purchased for less online and in bulk. Purchasing in bulk can ensure that you always have a cable available, when needed. Different sized cables can be purchased for different purposes. The cables also serve other purposes, such as transferring information from one device to another.

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