Are You Looking for an Affordable Way to Purchase the Cords and Cables That Your Company Needs?


Today’s technology depends upon being connected. The highest resolution computer screens and the most powerful projection screens cannot serve their purposes without the the proper power and USB cables. The cell phones with the best reception and professional quality built in cameras cannot work if they are not properly charged between uses. The fastest computers with the newest processors cannot interact with each other if they are not joined through wireless technologies that are only possible through powerful and fault tolerant servers. To stay connected in today’s technological world is only possible through a series of cables, surge protectors, and cords, including everything from Cat5e ethernet cables, lightning cables, and HDMI highspeed cables.
Does Your Source for Cables, Cords, and Surge Protectors Provide You the Quality That You Need?
The most visible and immediate connections that keep our society running today is likely cell phone accessories and power cords. As such, it should come as no surprise that many private homes as well as businesses often make bulk purchases when it comes to cell phone power cords and other accessories. As an example, the iPhone 6 can take one hour and 50 minutes to charge if a 12 watt USB power adapter is used. For individuals who are often on their phones, reliable access to the charging cords is needed. With multiple cords in cars and nearly every room throughout a home, individually purchasing these cords is usually not cost efficient.
Another cord that is frequently used in homes and businesses across America are highspeed HDMI cables. Used to provide high quality video that can be projected from a computer screen to a projection machine, these cables vary in length and quality. While it may have once common to pay as much as $50 or more for HDMI cables, making bulk purchases from online sources can make the prices less expensive.
And while the newest cell phones and most powerful computers use some of the latest technologies, it may be the most basic Cat5e ethernet cables that connect the majority of desktop computers in offices across the country. Professions as diverse as the nurses who spend as much as 7% of their time documenting patient vital signs to real estate agents who use their cell phones to photograph homes and schedule appointments, power and accessory cords keep the nation connected.

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