3 Communications Solutions for Remote Sites


There are many construction communications solutions on the market today, all of which are intended to enhance safety and productivity by connecting team members. But on remote construction sites, such as those common in the oil and gas industries, there are a few additional concerns to take into account regarding wireless and mobile communications. Here are the three top solutions you might consider if you’re setting up or running one of these sites:

  1. Wireless Intercom Systems

    Wireless intercoms are essentially phones for remote construction sites — think of them as being like regular cordless house phones, except only the handset needs to be kept onsite, and there are fewer numbers to dial. That means no antennas or bulky equipment. These intercoms offer many more features than traditional radios, such as security encryption and hotspot capabilities (meaning the intercom can be used to provide Internet access to authorized people in the area). Some sets can even be equipped with explosion-proof handsets for use in hazardous areas.

  2. Cellular Repeaters

    Even if you have construction grade cell phones, many remote sites experience problems with service. Cellular repeaters address this problem by picking up signals from far away — perhaps as far as 70 km, or 45 miles — and boosting them. Some companies use these repeaters to improve employees’ cell signals even when more robust systems are used for the construction or industrial processes themselves.

  3. Satellite Phones and Web

    Of all the mobile communication systems out there, mobile satellite services are some of the most reliable for a wide range of sites. Satellite phones can be used almost anywhere on the globe, and are usually very rugged to protect against use in extreme conditions. Generally, these phones are rented from the company providing the satellite service. Satellite companies can also provide Internet access for VoIP (voice over IP) phone systems and other business applications.

Do you have any other construction communications solutions to share? Any knowledge of safety communications regulations to add? Join the discussion in the comments.

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