GE Announces New Line of Smart Appliances


When the average person considers \”smart\” appliances, they are likely used to thinking of the mobile phone in their pocket or the tablet in their bag. However, the same technology that makes it possible to communicate and regulate one’s life may soon be used to help control our homes as well. Recently, GE became the latest company to invest in this concept of the \”smart home\”, unveiling an array of new appliances that will connect to users’ phones and tablets. If successful, these household gadgets will have a profound effect on the way we cook, clean and live.

Most of GE’s new products belong to its high-end Profile line, offering a myriad of ways to use your internet connection to improve your daily life. Their new refrigerator, for example, uses GE’s mobile application to give users information on everything from the state of the water filter to the appliance’s internal temperature, a useful feature in the event of a power outage. Similarly, their washer-dryer combination is designed to send real-time alerts and even uses an automatic soap reservoir. Both products are expected to ship April and May 2015, respectively.

However, one of the brand’s most exciting new appliances is still in the works: a smart dishwasher. Unlike older versions of this useful appliance, GE’s product will be able to sense if a physical object, like a pan, is obstructing its internal cleaning process. Interestingly, the dishwasher will also use leak detection systems to sense any issues that occur with the appliance. Unlike the other products in the line, GE has only stated that the dishwasher will be shipped sometime in late 2015. This isn’t surprising: many different types of appliances, ranging from refrigerators to dishwashers, are subjected to strict leak testing standards before they are delivered to stores or customers, making it likely that a dishwasher with its own leak detection equipment has additional criteria to meet.

This newest announcement isn’t the first time GE has used smart technology in its appliances: the brand’s current line of connected ranges and ovens use the company’s mobile applications and smart-home platform as well. However, the new line will launch an entirely new form of mobile software from the company. Will these new products revolutionize how we live our daily lives? We’ll see by the end of 2015.

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