Why is Expert Search Engine Optimization the Key to Online Revenue?


Why is search engine optimization the key to online revenue? It’s not hard to understand even from a layman’s perspective. While pay-per-click marketing, email blasts and social media profiles can certainly help, in the end, it’s search engine optimization that does the lifting work.

Understanding the psychology of how consumers look for the products and services you are offering is key. Social media might help keep former customers in the loop, but no one’s going to Twitter to look for a \”local plumber.\” While PPC will definitely get you some hits, the majority of consumers have learned to tune out ads — about 80% of them report \”rarely or never\” clicking on paid advertisements in search results.

When people want to search for something, their instinct is to Google — and Google is processing several billion of these requests each week. This is why search engine optimization is key, and why an expert SEO company is a must have in your company’s toolbox. What should you expect from the best SEO agencies? Here are three things to look out for.

1. A Company That Operates Out of the U.S.

SEO has matured over the last 10 years, and it’s no longer the loosey-goosey techniques it used to be. Google has retooled its search algorithm to prioritize quality content. For this reason, content written by people who don’t have English as a first language isn’t going to cut it. How can you avoid paying for gobbledigook? Look for a company that operates out of the U.S. and hires in-house, experienced writers.

2. Constantly Evolving Approach to SEO

Three of the biggest recent changes to the Google algorithm have been Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin. Is your local SEO agency able to explain how they’ve adapted to these changes? A good SEO company will never act like they’ve hit the everlasting approach to SEO, because there is no such thing. Constant revision is necessary as the playing field changes. Techniques considered acceptable a few years ago are now labeled as spam. And as Google’s Matt Cutts has warned, \”certain link spam techniques are a waste of money.\”

3. Good SEO Companies Take a Personalized Approach

An expert SEO company isn’t going to treat a variety of websites with a \”one size fits all\” approach. Instead, they should be tailoring your SEO to fit the specific needs of your company. Have they done research to make sure the keywords you’re vying for are the right ones? Are they taking control of your local listings and making sure they come up high in Google rankings? You don’t want a cookie-cutter approach to your website’s SEO — you want the work of an experienced chef.

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