Rackmount Cases Perfect for Your Electronics Business


If you have to transport electronic equipment, your top priority should be to ensure your equipment gets there in one piece. You can look into a variety of packaging methods, including 2u rackmount cases, to protect your precious cargo. Come up with the right custom packaging solutions and you will ensure the long-term life of your equipment.

Rackmount computer cases allow for easier use of media and computer equipment on the go. A rackcase is a case with mounting to transport equipment such as amplifiers, computers, displays, radios, encryption devices, and other technology that requires mounting for transportation. Cases with reinforced racks can hold payloads up to 500 pounds with no problem. Products being shipped by plane should always be packaged in airtight, sturdy storage containers so the product inside is not jeopardized during the trip. Aluminum is a popular choice for custom packaging because it is durable, light, and flexible.

Professional packaging companies know how to appropriately package a wide array of products, making sure each one is safely and efficiently packaged. Professional custom packaging allows you to have a team of well experienced packagers develop a packaging product that will keep your products safe, and ready for delivery. Media and electronic equipment is susceptible to damage from temperature extremes. Rackmount cases are a great solution to this problem. Custom rackmount cases can have various climate control options such as heaters, fans and air conditioning. Custom product packaging can also help protect against shock and vibration during transport.

If you are shipping something a little heavier than computer equipment, such as military equipment, try a military shipping case. A single lid military case can be completely seam welded, creating an ultra-strong impregnable case that remains unaffected by water. Military cases are available in two grades; standard duty and super duty. Both are available in an aluminum shell. Military cases can handle any climate, whether it is the heat of the jungle or brutal cold of the arctic. Single lid military cases can used to transport materials including aerospace, electronics and telecommunications.

If you want to transport electronic equipment, check out 2u rackmount cases and other custom packaging products. You can provide the right protection from the elements and shock and vibration. Find out the right custom packaging solutions and keep your equipment safe.

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