Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System? Find the Best with These Tips


Your communications, in a very real way, are the lifeblood of your business. Without reliable communications, whether it’s stable server hosting services or an e-mail provider that never quits, you’d never be able to get anything done. Consider, you need to communicate with your employees to schedule meetings and make announcements, you need to be able to call your vendors to ensure your warehouse stays stocked, and, most importantly, you need to be able to stay in touch with your clients. Like we said, your communications are your lifeblood.

Business phone systems are among the most important communication technologies you can have at your business. Like most other telecommunications methods, the Internet Age has taken outdated, overpriced land-line business phone services and transformed them into cloud-based wonders that are far more cost-efficient. Of course, as with any other service, not every business phone system is created equal, but with these tips, you can make sure you find the best option for your business.

Three Tips for Choosing a Business Phone System

  1. What Do You Really Need?
  2. As The Houston Chronicle writes, the first step to choosing a new business phone system should be planning. Sit down with your management team, and go through how many employees you have that actually need a phone line to do their jobs. Next, consider what other features they need to do their best work. Do they need unified communications? Do they need access to the system from multiple locations? Take everything into account before choosing a new system.

  3. Compare Costs, Functionality
  4. The phone lines of the past came with high usage costs for relatively little functionality. In essence, you could make a phone call, put one or two on hold per line, and transfer calls around your office. However, cloud business phones, for example, can hold up to 64 calls per line, according to CNET, they can transfer calls to all employees, regardless of whether they’re working in the office or at home, and they can do it all for a fraction of the price of traditional systems. In fact, according to statistics from About.com, many of the best cloud phone providers offer their service for as little as $20 per month.

  5. Does It Offer You Room to Grow?
  6. Technology is costly, which is why it can be so hard for many businesses to adapt as their needs grow. Servers, in-house PBX boxes, and all the rest cost a lot of money. Shouldn’t you be able to find a business phone system that scales with your business, without adding exorbitant fees on top of your bill? As Tech Target writes, cloud business phone systems are readily adjustable to your needs, and since you only pay for the data you use, you’ll never have to worry about paying for more than you get.

Transforming your business phone system can mean transforming your business. Keep these tips in mind to find a cost-effective, functional solution that fits your needs, whatever sort of company you run. Helpful links.

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