The Four Hiding Spots Your Remote Loves


Television remote controls’ favorite game is hide and seek, much to the chagrin of their owners. The problem is that they’re really good at it, which makes some unfortunate viewers rush out to their local electronics store to buy TV remote controls replacements.
However, we’re on to those pesky TV remote controls. Here’s a short list of some of their favorite hidey holes so that you won’t need to waste money on replacement remote controls ever again!
Enjoying Some Diversity Underneath Your Sofa.
Lost change, dustballs, and broken potato chips all love to hang out underneath your sofa, and your TV remote controls love to keep them company. Checking underneath the sofa for your remotes might also yield some other surprises–that necklace you thought you lost, a long forgotten tube of lipstick. Who knows what else you might find beneath your sofa other than your TV remote controls?
Buried in the Trash.
In the flurry of cleaning that you do everyday, it can be pretty easy to accidentally toss TV remote controls out with the junk mail that they were sitting on. You might also have had two things in your hand, knowing one was to throw away and the other wasn’t, but been too preoccupied with a third thing to realize that you tossed out the wrong item. If you think you threw it away, look for it immediately before it gets buried beneath banana peels and used napkins.
Taking a Quick Bathroom Break.
When you have to go, you have to go. Urgent bathroom breaks might mean that we inadvertently take our TV remote controls with us. When we finally get there, we laugh at our silliness, set the remotes down, and then proceed to leave them there when done. It’s a silly mistake, but a pretty common one to make.
Chilling Out in Your Refrigerator.
When a snack craving hits, it’s easy to get tunnel vision for the food. If you accidentally bring the remote with you into the kitchen, then you may also accidentally put it in the fridge with the ham and mayo once. The downside is that you’ll probably never think to look in the fridge for the remote, but the upside is that you’ll eventually see it the next time you go in there.
Now that you know where they’re most likely hiding, you won’t have to spend cash frivolously on TV remote replacements. If you have any questions about locating your TV remote controls, or know of any other hiding spots they like, feel free to share in the comments. Research more like this:

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