Three Ways To Make Your Pharmacy Software As Secure As Possible


Retail pharmacy POS systems are some of the most essential parts of a small pharmacy, and without great pharmacy software that runs without any problems, you could find yourself in some trouble.

It’s no secret that security concerns are on the rise for retail stores, especially considering how many high-profile security breaches have occurred in major chain stores within the past few years. This isn’t to say that every store is at a high risk for a security breach or that every POS system is very vulnerable, but it does show that there’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to the security of your pharmacy software.

Here are just a few ways to bolster your security measures and make sure that your pharmacy software is safe from viruses and hackers:

  • Use multiple passwords. This tip is an oldie but a goodie, and it goes along with the advice to stay away from the infamous \”password1234\” for everything in your store. Most software systems have certain requirements for passwords to ensure that they’re as safe as possible, but it’s important to realize that taking an extra step and using a different password for different programs is a great idea.

  • Don’t make your administrator accounts too obvious. When a hacker breaks into a computer system, the first thing he/she looks for is the user account labeled \”Administrator,\” because this is where the most sensitive data is kept and where all the other accounts can be controlled. Instead, create multiple user accounts on your pharmacy software system and give them nondescript names.

  • Use encrypted software on devices like credit card machines. Most of these devices already come with encrypted software, which scrambles the card numbers and personal information before transmitting it; this ensures that hackers can’t decode the information easily and use it. Many small businesses augment their systems with extra devices rather than buying completely new POS systems, so make sure that you check the security levels of these devices before purchasing and using them.

Remember — as a pharmacy owner, you have an added responsibility when it comes to security, because you have to protect the personal, financial, and medical information of your customers. Never hesitate to take every possible measure to ensure that your system is safe!

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