Three Things the Cloud Definitely Is Not


Cloud hosting is many things. It’s a cost effective way to host websites, applications, and other digital services. It’s a reliable web page hosting solution that will prevent sites from going down, even if one of the cloud servers crashes. And perhaps best of all, it’s a great way to make a company more efficient in this digital world.

Unfortunately though, people mistakenly believe that cloud hosting services are many other things that they are not. Here are just a few of the myths going around about cloud servers.

The Cloud Is a Place.

When people say \”the cloud\” when talking about cloud hosting, they’re not talking about some far off place, but rather a computer network. The cloud is made up of network of complex computer servers that share websites’ data. That way — as mentioned before — if one server goes down, the site remains operational.

The Cloud Is a Literal Cloud.

To be fair, cloud hosting is called cloud hosting because it creates a sort of cloud of information that’s easily accessible to users. However, it’s just a metaphoric name. Cloud hosting has nothing to do with clouds. Yet, a recent survey revealed that 29% of participants believed that cloud hosting had something to do with the weather, and that 51% believed stormy weather affected the cloud.

The Cloud Is a Fad.

There are even myths being passed around amongst those who get what cloud hosted servers are. Namely, many people for some reason think that the cloud is a fad — that people will eventually switch back to \”more reliable\” hosting solutions. What these folks don’t realize though is that the cloud is basically the new normal. It’s estimated that by the end of next year, 340 million people will have moved to the cloud.

The cloud is many things, but it is definitely not a place, a weather pattern (in this context), nor a fad. If you have any questions about what the cloud is, feel free to share in the comments.

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