The Top 3 Managed Services Trends of 2015, So Far


For businesses and companies everywhere, investing in IT managed services is one of the best choices one can make.

It’s hardly surprising that thousands of enterprises are choosing to have a third-party company handle their network security systems, project management and other computer services, as the cost and time savings can often be immense.

Given this, the managed services software industry is changing more rapidly than ever — and in some ways you might not believe.

Want to know more about the latest trends taking place among the top IT managed services providers in the industry? Here’s a glimpse at just three of the biggest trends and patterns we’re seeing in the world of managed services in 2015 — so far:

Automation, automation, automation

A great deal of the change and innovation that has taken place among managed services software providers is in automation. By allowing its computer systems to perform mundane tasks, an enterprise is able to use its employees’ time on more pressing matters. This automation ultimately improves worker productivity and saves costs in a big way, and most IT managed services software includes automation today as a result.

Increased storage options

In the managed services industry of 2015, companies are increasingly offering expanded storage choices — both in direct-attached storage and on the private cloud. With enterprises demanding more storage than ever, these new options offer a cost-effective way to store large quantities of data. In many cases, the cost per gigabyte can be reduced by as much as 90%!

Emerging PSA vendors changing the industry

Another major occurrence taking place throughout IT managed services this year? Now more than ever, a growing number of professional services automation (PSA) vendors are beginning to emerge, offering up more competition for established vendors like Autotask and ConnectWise. By providing more efficient, user-friendly PSA solutions, these newcomers are stimulating rapid change in the world of PSA and managed services software.

Do you agree with this list of trends? What trends have you noticed among managed services providers this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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