Search Firms, the Retained Search, and Why You Should Hire Military Veterans


After the Vietnam War, many veterans returned home to a country that was confused, hardened, and angry. Many people didn’t understand the kind of man who was coming home from a war he was sent to fight against his will. While some volunteered, many were drafted and had no choice. Many came home and had a great deal of trouble transitioning back to civilian life. Sadly, many could never make that adjustment in their work or in their lives.

In the years since, we have sadly not been free from war. We have, however, made a decision as a nation to honor our veterans and realize they are only doing what they are asked to do in the service of our country. They are defending our way of life and our very lives. When they return from duty, we are not only doing them a service by hiring them in our civilian workforce, they are doing the workforce a service by bringing so many qualities to the jobs they do.

When it comes to filling vacant jobs in the workforce, it takes a special service to match talent with positions. Search firms have become specialized businesses that take on the challenge of recruiting for companies, helping them to reduce the costs of bad hire and poor employee performance.

Using the retained search, executive search services find skilled applicants with pinpoint accuracy, giving companies people who can hit the ground running with the skills in place to learn, grow, and produce right away. A retained search can be very efficient because every market is different. the needs, wants, and desires of different companies can seem superficial, but in reality, they can be very important when it comes to a company’s overall vision and productivity standards.

Sales of search and placement services capped out at $13.2 billion in 2013, and in that same year, companies reported that 5.9% of hires made externally were sourced by a retained search. This was almost twice the percentage done the year prior and was the highest number in over ten years.

For veterans looking to make their way from military life and service back into civilian life, a military transition recruiting service can be very helpful. Employers know that veterans bring a great deal to the table when they come to work. While not all veterans are equipped for all jobs, the skills they possess, such as self-discipline, teamwork, and attention to detail, make them highly sought after in many areas.

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