Nobody Can Find My Business What Marketing Strategy Should I Use?


What marketing strategy are you using for your business? More importantly: how modern and effective are they? This is a question that has hounded many a freelancer, small business owner and enterprise CEO alike, as the mainstream market only continues to get more and more saturated as technology advances. Some turn to digital marketing strategies like animated advertisements and social media to get their brand out in the open, while others stick with the tried-and-true traditional methods of print, paper and pamphlets. However, did you know there’s a highly effective and unobtrusive method of garnering money even as you advertise your brand? Look no further than PPC (also known as pay-per-click), a savvy and effective way of generating revenue even as you advertise throughout the veritable maze that is the Internet.

Search Engines And Initiative

Thanks to search engines seeking out goods and services has never been easier. However, for every upside there’s a downside! Even though over 90% of online experiences will begin with a search engine, it’s been found that 75% of users will ignore the first page of search results. This also crosses over with another survey that noted nearly 80% of users will ignore paid advertisements entirely! It can be difficult to manage with stats like these, but thankfully solutions have cropped up over the years. These include inbound leads, mobile device customization and social media.

Inbound And Outbound Leads

These terms are used to describe the amount of money and effort put into marketing on behalf of the business in question. Inbound leads have been found to cost over 60% lower than outbound leads — for example, an inbound lead could be from search engine optimization, while an outbound lead could be from a cold call or print advertising. SEO leads have risen to the forefront as the ideal option for solid close rates, averaging at 14%, while outbound leads lag behind at below 2%. Customers much prefer organic results to pushy advertising, after all, and nowhere is that more clear than the major disparity in success rates.

Mobile Devices And Optimization

Adjusting your website or advertisements to be mobile-friendly is essential if you want to give your customers a positive first impression. Mobile devices have accounted for over 50% of all paid search clicks, matching together with PPC like peanut butter and jelly. A recent survey saw over 80% of company leaders said they feel either ‘good’ or ‘very’ good about the heating service in Virginia, that people who deal with this are fully committed and dedicated. A significant portion of customers rely on their tablets and iPhones for a major portion of their Internet searching, with an estimated 100 billion global searches conducted each month, so if your website isn’t optimized you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars every year!

Social Media And Advertising

Lastly, we have social media and its immense impact on mainstream industries and small businesses. Social media sites and blogs now reach an average of eight out of 10 Internet users, accounting for over 20% of all time spent online. An incredible amount, to say the least! Over 70% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing a mere six hours per week in a social media account, meaning that signing up for Twitter or WordPress could be one of the boosts you’re looking for. Of course, the more marketing techniques you combine the better your outreach will be. What about PPC?

PPC And Marketing

PPC has risen as one of the most beloved options by media-savvy businesses and freelancers alike. Businesses have been found to make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords, for example, which is nothing to say of similar options available. Half of all survey respondents said lead generation was their most important objective for PPC advertising, with another portion emphasizing an increased rate of conversion as their ideal goal. If you’re interested in saving money while making it, look no further than your local PPC consultants to cure what ails you.

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