Knowing the Different Types of Sprinklers and Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems have been in place since 1874, and for good reason. According to the National Fire Protection Association, sprinklers reduce the chance of dying in a fire or losing property in a fire by over 50%. Sprinklers were also present in only 7% of homes affected by fires. Thus, it’s important to contact one of several fire sprinkler companies to design a sprinkler system that is perfect for the layout of your home or business. Also important is understand which fire design companies and fire sprinkler companies can help create the perfect avenue for building safety. 3D Fire Design is the cream of the crop of fire sprinkler companies, dedicated to intelligent, ergonomic design that keeps you alert and, ultimately, unharmed in the event of a fire.

We understand more than other fire sprinkler companies what you should personally look for to keep your building intact. Along with the different types of sprinkler systems that can be employed to terminate fires, business owners should also look at the various other types of fire suppression systems that will hold fires at bay and keep them from spreading further.

Different Types of Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers reduce the amount of water used to fight fires by 90%, many times stopping fires in their tracks before they cause damage. Fire sprinkler companies can install a variety, all different by their heads. These include:

  1. Pendant Sprinkler Heads: The most common type of sprinkler, Pendants jut down from the ceiling to give maximum coverage. Upon activation, they release water into a lower deflector, dispersing it outward across the room.
  2. Concealed Pendant Sprinkler Heads: These sprinklers recede into the ceiling, blending in with the decor. Covered by a cap, this cap will fall away around 20 degrees before the sprinkler itself activates.
  3. Upright Sprinkler Heads: These sprinklers point upward instead of shooting from the ceiling. Meant to overcome ground obstructions, this type is typically used in mechanical rooms.
  4. Side Wall Heads: Side Wall sprinklers are used in hallways and tight corridors to reach the areas that Pendants can not. They spray in a half circle motion, as opposed to side to side like Pendants.

Though proper sprinkler systems are key to fire safety, they aren’t the only way to prevent or fight fires.

Understanding the Different Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Along with fire sprinkler installation, fire sprinkler contractors such as 3D Fire Design will also look at the other ways to keep flames at bay. Besides automatic fire sprinkler design, there are five other ways to suppress fires. These are:

  1. Gas System: This system stores gas as a liquid, with nitrogen pressurizing it. They’re best used for computer and communication rooms. Storing gas as a liquid means that it takes up less space, and doesn’t reduce oxygen, either.
  2. Chemical Foam: These systems are designed almost entirely for kitchens. Nozzles are placed over cooking canopies and releases water-based agents with chemical foam when activated. They are fairly easy to use, and leave no damage. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive, and require stainless steel piping.
  3. Water Mist System: These systems are commonly replacing sprinklers, due to lack of water storage and pump power requirements. It also prevents flooding by evaporating, starving the room of oxygen as it does so. They are usually used in large data rooms.
  4. Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube: These are essentially large extinguishers with valves and heat detection tubes. They are typically efficient with their suppression agents, and have a low installation cost. They are also mobile, able to be installed anywhere. Unfortunately, they can not guarantee successful suppression with larger fires.
  5. Foam Deluge System: Foam systems are good when water, gas, and chemicals are inapplicable. Dispersing foam through a sprinkler, they ccover large areas, making them perfect for growing fires. Unfortunately, they leave a mess, and can cause electrical damage.

Talk With Fire Safety Professionals

If any of these fire suppression systems would be a fit for your home or business, give 3D Fire Design a call. We provide services involving fire suppression, protection, and sprinkler design. Catered to your building, you won’t regret the safety and peace of mind that we can provide.

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