Increase Your Company’s Credibility with a Professionally Designed Website


Does your website provide a positive first impression? Do you have an attractive layout and strong content that attracts visitors to your site? How fast does your site load, and is it easy to access across multiple platforms?

Nearly half, or 47% of Internet users, expect web pages to load in just 2 seconds. Furthermore, within 50 milliseconds of the home page loading, they will be in the process of forming an opinion about your website. Inspired Magazine reports that it takes just 10 seconds for visitors to form an overall impression of a website. If they are unable to learn what your company is about or what your website has to offer, there’s a strong chance that they will move on to another site that meets their expectations.

When a website’s layout isn’t attractive, 38% of visitors will leave. It’s interesting to note that 94% of Internet users stated that they either mistrusted or rejected a website because of its design. A business’ credibility rides on its website design, according to 48% of the individuals surveyed. In fact, this was the primary factor in their determining whether or not a business could be trusted.

In order to meet revenue goals, business websites obviously need to attract a significant number of visitors to create a customer base. Recent data shows that 80% of the companies that aren’t making their revenue goals are attracting 10,000 or less visitors on a monthly basis.

In order to address these and other issues, it’s important to have professional website development. Sales can be increased when the website is specifically designed for mobile access, and 62% of the companies that did so experienced an increase in sales as a result.

Computer software companies can also provide website security and other important Internet solutions such as search engine optimization for content. It’s important to note that content-rich websites will receive more traffic as well. When a website has 51 to 100 pages, for example, it can produce 48% more traffic than a website with 50 or less.

If your company’s website isn’t performing optimally, it’s likely that you have been seriously considering the ramifications of this. When you consult with computer software companies, they will be able to create a unique website for your business. In addition to ensuring that your website functions well across multiple devices, they will also be able to address your other website-based needs.

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