All the Facts about Document Scanning


Throughout the course of the world, there is one industry that has remained strong no matter what happens in our culture or economy. That industry is not new or revolutionary, but it is an industry that we as consumers interact with on nearly a daily basis, even if we are not aware of it. The industry that I speak of is none other than marketing. Yes, marketing. While it may not be the most exciting line of work to dive into, it is one that yields great results for a business when properly executed.

While the new age of technology and digital media evolving around us, marketing has changed somewhat, but much of it remains in the old school process of document scanning. Oh yeah, how boring does that sound? While it does not sizzle your interest, document scanning is essential for business owners that want to properly market their product to consumers. Here are some of the ways that document scanning is an essential marketing tool for your business.

Signage Is Everything

Signage is such a goofy word, but it is so important to your business. Think about this: half of all the customers that enter a business will do so because of the signage presented to them by the business. It is amazing to think that such a simple process of document scanning and signage creation can go such a long way in terms of a money return for the business owner behind it. Another interesting statistic behind the importance of signage is that customers who live within five miles of a business will end up seeing their signs 50 to 60 times a month. This is incredible because research has indicated that about 85% of all customers at a business will live or work with a five-mile radius of said business.

Document scanning does not pertain just to scanning documents in an office like area. Document scanning can include vinyl printing, printing services, printing companies, banner printing, business card printing, and even trade show printing. As a matter of fact, document scanning is a huge aspect of how a business presents itself at a trade show. The average United States trade show visitor will end up spending about 9.5 hours viewing exhibits for the featured business. That is why trade show booths prioritize document scanning and signage so that they can stand out amongst their competitors.

In conclusion, make sure you utilize document scanning to your full advantage when marketing your business or product to consumers. The value of on-site signage equates to about 24 full-page newspaper ads every single year. Consumers are also proven to be much more engaged with printed material and signage as opposed to material presented in a digital form which they will end up skimming over for less than fifteen seconds. 35% of all customers have stated that they discover a local business by seeing their sign while passing by. The proof is in the pudding with document scanning in terms of why you should focus your best efforts on marketing your product through physical signage. The benefits will be noticeable for your business, your product, and your wallet.

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