Improve Your Guest Experience With Property Management for Hotels Technologies

When you work in the hotel business, there are a variety of tasks and services that need to be addressed on a regular basis. This ranges from assisting guests to book rooms to providing a positive customer experience. When guests have a positive experience, they are more likely to return to your establishment.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

If your guests have a wonderful time, they are much more likely to provide detailed recommendations to family, friends, and colleagues. Given the prevalence of social media platforms, many guests will post reviews. It’s well-known that this practice can influence opinion and potentially impact a hotel’s reputation.

There are a variety of ways that existing or potential customers provide feedback on their customer experience. One of these is to basically be a \”no-show.\” While there are other important reasons why customers may not follow through on their reservations, such as work or family emergencies, the average rate is ten percent a day.

When considering the cost of travel, which is often a barrier to many individuals that would like to take a trip, a negative experience can be doubly disappointing. Over half of Millennials and Gen Xers in particular state that the cost is a barrier for them. When it comes to the Baby Boomer generation, however, just 45% of this age bracket agreed that it was cost prohibitive.

How to Increase Customer Loyalty

Research shows that all it may take for a business to increase its profits is to build loyalty with five percent of its customer base. It’s been demonstrated that for every customer, this can lead to an increase in profits ranging from 25% to 100%.

When customers have a positive experience, they are much more likely to be loyal and return to a specific business establishment. However, in the event that customers have to expend a considerable amount of effort to resolve an issue, 96% of these individuals are likely to be disloyal, according to research by the Corporate Executive Board.

When travelers have a positive experience at a specific venue, they are more likely to return there again. A recent survey showed that this was the case with 74% of the participating travelers. Furthermore, given that many extended families will travel together on vacation or to attend special celebrations, this can also make a difference in repeat business. In 2016, for example, 25% of the Baby Boomer generation planned to take these types of trips.

Resolving Customer Issues

Additional research by Harris Interactive/RightNow in 2011 found that 86% of the customers stopped conducting business with a particular company because they had a negative customer experience. While the types of negative experiences and unresolved issues will of course vary, the bottom line is that these individuals did not believe they were receiving quality service. While some customers may occasionally have unreasonable demands or expectations, anticipating what customers want and/or need and then providing it within reason is an integral aspect of many successful businesses.

Conducting Travel Research Across Multiple Platforms

Many travelers expect that they will be able to conduct Internet travel searches across multiple platforms. Recent data shows that when doing so on their mobile devices, a substantial percentage will indicate their final decisions on these devices. However, nearly half, or 46% of these individuals, will actually finalize their booking on a different device such as a laptop or desktop computer. When searching for travel information and accommodations, mobile queries have risen over 50%. This is due, in part, to the convenience of mobile applications.

Learn More About Property Management for Hotels

Since you want to provide the best customer experience possible, having access to the latest trends in hotel industry technology is a step in the right direction. When you speak with a company that provides hotel management solutions, such as resources on property management for hotels, you will be able to learn more about hotel reservation software and other hotel technologies.

When combined with excellent customer service, property management for hotels technologies can make a significant difference in the customer experience. Furthermore, when your employees have more effective tools to perform their jobs, this can assist them with being more efficient and effective with property management for hotels.

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