How to Tap In to Local SEO’s Power


Mobile searches offer users more local results. The idea is that mobile device users are probably out and about looking for that kind of product or service. In response to this inferred urgency, search engines will then give mobile device users more local results to better satisfy their needs.

When you consider the fact that mobile Internet is quickly becoming the most popular way to access the web, you begin to see why it’s so important for local businesses to have a strong online presence and visibility. While the Internet offers a myriad of different marketing tactics for small businesses, like social media and PPC, the most important of these is local search engine optimization (local SEO).

Since it’s so important for small businesses to use local SEO to remain competitive, here are a few local SEO tips to help your business improve its online visibility in mobile and local searches!

Claim Your Local Listings.

In addition to your business’s website, users are also checking out your business’s profile on such web directories as Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local. If you haven’t yet claimed your business’s profile on these sites, then you’re missing out on a few vital opportunities to do good local SEO. It’s a fairly simply process. All you have to do is complete the verification steps.

Make Sure Users Can See Your Products on Google’s Shopping Page.

A Forrester study found that an impressive 46% of all in-store purchases had been influenced by consumers’ online research. When you consider the fact that 96% of purchases are in-store, it’s pretty mind boggling how much of an influence online research has. If you want to be in peoples’ equations, you’ve got to make sure that your products are being included in Google Products. It’s a simple, but highly effective little local SEO trick to boost in-store purchases.

Get Some Geo-Specific Back Links Working.

Back links are important for both traditional and local SEO. However, local SEO needs to have geo-specific keywords working in the anchor text of the link. Say you run a pizza place. You’d be better off having \”New York Pizzeria,\” instead of just \”Pizzeria.\”

These are just a few of the ways you can tap into the power of local SEO. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More like this article:

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