How Can Nondestructive Testing Help Your Business?


Crash tests for cars are destructive tests. Depending on the type of test, when it is over the entire vehicle will likely be destroyed. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, however, allow for materials to be tested and still remain useable. It allows for testing and welding services in a wide range of industries finance. NDT services are used in many of the following industries:

  • defense and arms
  • energy and electricity
  • aerospace
  • geology
  • medical
  • archeology
  • automotive
  • engineered products

NDT services include x-ray inspection services, laser scanning services, and composite analysis services. These extensive services are not new, but the use for these technologies continues to expand. Computed Tomography (CT) was invented in 1972. This technology was created by Godfrey Hounsfield, British engineer at EMI Laboratories in England, and by Allan Cormack, South African physicist of Tufts University, Massachusetts. Hounsfield and Cormack later earned the Nobel Peace Prize for their medical and scientific contributions.
The first clinical CT scanners were installed during the timespan between 1974 and 1976. These first systems were initially used for head imaging only. The \”whole body\” systems with larger patient openings did not become available until 1976. Extensive and varied CT scanning became available by the year 1980. Currently, 6,000 CT scanners are available in the U.S., and 30,000 are installed worldwide.
The same technology that was used by the medical image systems to extend and surpass the use of x-ray technology, quickly spread into other areas. Now, this technology helps keep passengers safe during air travel, as well as provides thorough inspection during the development and testing of parts of all sizes. Although these technologies are used extensively through many industries, the technology itself is not something that individual companies can afford to program and maintain. As a result, most NDT services are provided by qualified inspection sources. By purchasing and developing a wide variety of CT and other NDT systems, these companies can handle the majority of parts. Since one CT machine cannot effectively scan all parts, these companies obtaining training globally for each machine system.
The best NDT services companies offer their customers an extensive menu of standardized testing opportunities and business directory list, while also creating customized testing for specific needs. These companies not only offer the most CT systems in house for service work, but they can also effectively handle very large volumes of inspection work with great ease. Top industrial CT scanning systems also provide internal 3D scanning and x-ray inspection that can be used for a wide variety of product sizes, ranging from pieces as small as .5mm in length, to pieces as large as 660mm in diameter and 1m in length.
No matter what kind of scanning services your company needs, the most extensive NDT service companies can help you solve your problem and expand your options.

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