6 Ways a Camera is Better than Your Phone


Smartphones seem to have won the digital photograph battle but not many people understand what an actual camera has to offer anymore. Social media has forced people to be satisfied with blurry, low quality photos that only look good on the small screen. They can not even see how much better their pictures could look. If only everyone knew the benefits of having a physical camera in your hand as opposed to a smartphone. Why do you think professional photographers don’t use their cell phones for their photo shoots? Digital cameras information is not well known but I’m about to educate you on some of the best advantages the traditional camera has to offer as well as some general information on digital cameras.

Optical zoom
On a cellphone, the zoom absolutely destroys the image but on an actual camera not only can you zoom in and maintain the quality of the picture but different types of zoom lenses can be used to change the relative size of the people in the photo or compress the distance between them or create an out of focus background in order to center on the subject.

Burst shooting
You might see this title and say \”ah! That is something my phone can do!\” Yes indeed, it can; up to 30 frames a second, I might add. However, take another look at the pictures it got. The resolution is significantly reduced during burst shots but cameras can shoot the same amount of pictures at the full megapixel resolution.

Battery life
Taking pictures on your cellphone eats up your battery somewhat. One or two pictures it’s a big deal but if you were doing an actual photo shoot, the cell phone camera drains the battery. On the other hand, the digital cameras information tells us that it will last as long as the double A batteries or whatever it takes, is in there. Should they die mid shoot, you can always replace them; not something you can do all the time with a cellphone without recharging the old battery.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of using up to much space on our cellphones. Photos play a huge part in taking up storage room. An occasional picture here and there will not fill up your storage allowance but if the only camera you use is on your cellphone then your storage will run out quickly. Cameras have memory cards that you can dump onto your computer after every shoot, if you need to.

High-quality filters and effects
Cellphones were coming out with these filter apps so camera manufacturers decided to start coming out with some of their own. There are more and more effects and filters in cameras than ever before. On-camera editing
When you press the play button on your camera, it is not only to be able to view the picture. Within that area, you can crop, resize, soften, correct exposure, add frames or borders or even draw on photos with some models. Basically, everything can be done on the phone so you can upload or print right away. A phone can do all those things to except each change lowers the resolution even more.

Taking video isn’t as common on a regular camera but shooting clips with an actual camera allows you to be able to use the benefits like a zoom lens and the capability of capturing stills while the camera records the video. Digital cameras information tells us that a lot of the newer model cameras will let you record video with a filter on or shoot slow motion video.

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