Good Web Design Brings a Multitude of Good Customers


Finding the information we need to go about out lives is all about searching the internet. Previously if you wanted to find out if a company was reliable, dependable, honest, able to provide the service you needed, or just to find out the location, you had to rely on the telephone, newspaper advertisement or word of mouth.

Now most people search the internet. They go online to find out where the new restaurant is located, if people who have visited the restaurant liked the food and the service. People use a search engine to find out everything. If you are out with a group of people and during the conversation, someone asks who was the fourth president of the United States, someone pulls out their phone and uses a search engine to find the answer.

Similarly, a person is wondering about symptoms of an illness they or someone they know is experiencing. That person is very likely to use a search engine look up the symptoms, causes and treatment for those symptoms. As many as 72% of adult internet users indicate they have searched online for information about health issues. The PEW Research Center found this to be true in 2014 and found that those respondents were indicated they were most often looking at specific diseases and treatments.

Because most Americans will now use search engines to find websites to provide the information they are looking for, it is so important for companies to use a web design firm to help get the most benefit from their marketing and information strategies. Using a search engine and doing a search, 48% of respondents indicate the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business is the website design. In the same way, 94% of those who did not trust or would not use a website said the reason for those reactions were due to the web design.

Can companies afford to ignore this information? Can a company, such as a company doing marketing for doctors or any web design firm fail to consider the importance of the first impression of a website? Web design firms manage content creation and content marketing. They know professional web design. They are familiar with search engine marketing. Companies, organizations, public and private entities, or any group that wants exposure to their information should or can use a web design firm to ensure they are getting help they need.

The majority of searches from the internet are from cell phones. The primary source for internet use is the mobile phone for approximately 50% of cell phone owners. If someone wants to find out details of the latest television series or wants to find the best school to send their child to, they search the internet for information.

A good web design firm understands the web design and branding needs of their customers. A good web design firm uses a search engine optimizer to ensure the website is getting the best exposure and getting their brand out there to the appropriate audience.

Web design firms are able to maximize the search engine optimization services available to assist their customers. Social media marketing is another popular aspect of website development. The effective web design firm knows and uses the many and varied social networking sites to get access and exposure to the customer.

A website development tool that has a significant increase in use is location capabilities, allows search engine results relative to the location of the person searching to provide more useful information to the customer.

After all, you don’t want to get results that show companies on the other side of the country. When you are looking for a doctor, or a private school, you don?t want information from locations that you cannot use. On the other hand, if you are looking for medical treatment information, you want the best and most accurate information, even if it is across the country. A good web design firm knows how to help develop websites that support these needs.

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