7 Reasons Businesses Are Switching To Cloud-Based Phones


If your business is still using traditional landline telephones, then you’ve already fallen behind the times. Many business owners want to stick with what they know works, and are understandably reluctant to switch to high tech cloud based business phone systems.
New technology can be intimidating, but most people with a hosted VoIP system (Voice over Internet Protocol phone system) experience a number of benefits.
What benefits are we talking about, exactly?
1. Landlines Are Going Extinct
By the start of 2019, just 6% of Americans will still be using landline telephones.
2. Stay Competitive
IT experts estimated that VoIP business systems help cut initial phone costs for startups by 90%. By making the change yourself, you can help keep costs down and stay competitive.
3. User Friendly Interfaces
Despite what you may expect, most modern cloud-based tools are designed to be as simple and easy to understand as possible. In fact, about 14% of companies actually downsize their IT department after switching to the cloud.
4. Save Money
Because cloud-based software like hosted VoIP systems actually reduces the need for on-site hardware, fully 82% of companies save money by transitioning to the cloud.
5. Say Goodbye To Your Phone Company
Because there are so many local business phone partners in the United States today, you no longer have to deal with your local phone or cable company for telephones. Instead, you can find a local business phone partner to meet your needs.
6. New Tools
The same cloud technology that makes voice over the Internet possible also enables you to utilize video conferences, conference calls, and other cutting edge tools. Talk to your new local business phone partner to find out what kind of features would work best for your company.
7. Reduce Local Phone Bill Costs
A cloud hosted VoIP solution can allow you to save on local calls by up to 40%, while also reducing costs in the ways outline above.
Stop wasting time with the cable company. Find a local business phone partner offering small and medium sized business phone solutions and start saving today. If you’re worried that switching to new technologies will cause a disruption, then don’t worry. Internet phone systems are becoming the new standard for a reason: they’re convenient, cost effective, and give your team new digital tools to collaborate and succeed.

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