3 Reasons to Use Industrial CT Scanning for Business and Research


Industrial computed tomography scanning, or Industrial CT scanning, is the process through which businesses, researchers, and organizations use the same type of technology commonly used in the medical field for industrial machine and part services. The CT scanning process was introduced in 1972 and soon after it became a popular device in the medical field people started to realize there were other uses for this incredible technology.

There are actually two main types of industrial CT scanning methods: Fan/line beam scanners-translate and Cone beam scanners-rotate. Depending on what you’re trying to do specifically will determine which type of device is best for the process. They both can be rendered into 3-D images.

So what’s so great about industrial CT scanning? Here are a couple things you can do with this innovative technology.

  1. Broken and Defect Detection: Up until industrial CT scanning processes came around the only way to really figure out what was wrong with a mechanical device/part would be through destructive testing. In other words, you would have to take the piece apart to find out what’s going on inside. Usually this would destroy the integrity of the device in the process.

    Industrial scanning allows you to see inside and get detailed images of exactly what’s going wrong internally without any sort of destruction or dismantling.
  2. Part Comparison and Reconstruction:This same sort of internal investigation can be used for part to part comparison as well. Often times a device may require a certain part to function, but if you don’t have the original manufacturers equipment it can be almost impossible to find a right match. With industrial CT scanning you can do just that.
  3. Assembly and Visual Analysis: Finally, one of the most prevalent uses of this technology is in assembly and visual analysis. Whether to prevent mishaps during assembly or to ensure product validity this technology is very beneficial to many different industrial industries.

The next time you have a broken device or missing part, consider looking into CT scanning of the industrial variety to see if there’s an easy, efficient, and accurate solution to your problem in this form.

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