Do You Need a Cable? There are Hundreds of Different Cables On the Market to Suit Your Needs

Cat5 cables

Nearly everyone has a cellphone of some sort, and many of those phones are smartphones. We spend a lot of money on our phones and the cell phone accessories that come with them, even if they usually only have a two year lifespan. But cell phone accessories like phone chargers aren’t the only type of chargers out there on the market. There are cables to meet virtually every need. Phone charger cables, HDMI cables, ethernet cables, are only a few. Read on to find out more about what different types of cables can do.

A lot of times, the chargers that come with our phones are flimsy and have a short lifespan, so people tend to splurge on nice chargers, or even use their iPad chargers on their phones. A good idea when you consider that a 12-watt iPad charger can charge an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in half the time as opposed to charging a phone with a traditional 5-watt iPhone charger. Using a 12-watt charger, an iPhone 6 takes an average of 50 minutes to charge, and the iPhone 6 Plus takes an average of 2 and a half hours.

HDMI cables are also popular not only among cell phones users, but anyone who likes to stream content from their tablets, phones, or laptops to a larger television screen. They’re very handy cords, and something that every household should have. But what many people might not know is there there are many different types of hdmi cables to choose from. There’s the plan hdmi standard, the hdmi standard with ethernet, the hdmi standard automotive, the regular hdmi high speed cable and hdmi high speed with ethernet. Depending on a user’s needs, they will need to purchase a different cable.

Other types of cables on the market include fiber optic cables, the crossover cable, bulk fiber optic cables, the network ethernet cable, and so many more. Some work well with phone, some work with tablets and laptops, and some work with home phone systems in and establishing internet connections. When it comes to cables, the sky’s the limit!

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