With The Holidays Come Electronics A Five Step Cheat Sheet To Keep You From Mixing Up Your Cables

The holidays are just about here. You’re probably stressing out about which gifts to get at a smart price.

Want to know a good way to make sure you’re not wasting your money? Make sure the electronics you buy don’t have to be returned because they’re incompatible! Figuring out the difference between the bulk fiber optic cable and the siamese cable can seem like homework, but it’s your best bet to save money and be greeted with happy faces in December. Whether you’re getting your niece a new phone charger or your wife a better entertainment system, you’ll be glad you took the time to sort it out.

Absorb this cheat sheet on common cables and the holidays won’t know what hit it.

Upgrading An Entertainment System? You’ll Want Good HDMI Cables

Let’s say you have a family member or a friend that wants to upgrade their entertainment system. They want higher quality video and audio to really bring out the best in their movie nights. You’ll want to look to HDMI. The HDMI 2.0 hardware is able to support bandwidth up to 18Gb per second, perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts. You can pair this with a siamese cable, too, which is designed to run both video and power. Who said you can’t have it all?

Tired Of Slow Connections? CAT Cables Are In Your Future

How about someone who’s sick and tired of buggy internet? Consider looking into CAT6 cables alongside your HDMI DVI cable purchase. A CAT 6 cable contains four pairs of copper wire, using all the pairs for signaling to obtain the highest speed of performance. You can also spend a little less on a CAT5 cable, which is good for more basic needs and will still give you the consistency you desire. For those on the accessories side of things, the next one on the list is for you…

Someone Getting An iPhone? Make Sure They Have A Charger

One of the most popular purchases over the holidays is the iPhone. Recent studies found the Apple iPhone 7 accounted for nearly 10% of smartphone sales in the United States in the third quarter of 2017. The same year found nearly 65% of Americans owning an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. A great gift for the holidays is replacing that worn out charger with a shiny new version. You can supplement it with more know-how, too. Manufacturers recommend waiting until your phone is down to a 35% or 40% charge before plugging it in, instead of letting it drop to zero.

Worried About Power Outages? Protect Yourself Early

Winter seasons are nothing if not tumultuous. How about protecting yourself with some security nets in the case of a power outage? A surge protector is a smart choice to pair alongside your siamese cable purchase, able to keep you safe and sound when a storm hits a little too hard. The number of joules listed for the surge protector represents the energy absorption rating, with conventional wisdom dictating the more, the better. For a computer or home theater protection you’ll want a rating of 2500 or higher.

Figuring Out Accessories? Bundle Them All Up

You might just want to grab a few on your way out of the store and cover all the basics. A siamese cable with an HDMI highspeed cable will get you all the power you need. A surge protector alongside a phone charger is perfect for ensuring no sudden energy outages will knock on your door. To date nearly 400 iPhones are sold each and every minute. People today are becoming more acquainted with faster speeds, higher qualities, and better access. With the holidays ready to sink right into their busiest hours, these tips will help keep your head above water.

Get your game plan and get out there while prices are still hot. Your USB 3 cable and siamese cable bundle could be your brightest idea yet!

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