Why Your Call Center Needs A Better Data Center

Are you able to accommodate customer calls 99% of the time?

You may have excellent customer support teams, but is your technical backbone performing its job as well? If your infrastructure is unreliable, it will affect the handling time of your agents.

When the system is down, they won’t be able to take any calls at all.

What you need is a data center that has 100% uptime. While power outages are the usual culprit of a site-wide outage, there also other factors to consider like hardware and network issues.

As your business scales up, it is important that your infrastructure follows suit. As a matter of fact, Information technology (IT) spending on data center systems worldwide is predicted to amount to $208 billion in 2020. This is how in-demand data centers are today.

There are 3 primary reasons why you need to have a top-performing data center specific to your business. Make sure that your infrastructure can accommodate your call center’s specific needs.

Improves Your Call Handling

Customers expect to hear a clear voice when talking to your customer support agents. They want uninterrupted calls, and they want solutions fast. These all tie up to how your data center performs.

Your agents should get the results quickly when searching through your knowledge-based databases.

The software your company use plays a large part in keeping the call clear. However, your hardware should be in top shape as well. After all, it’s where the software is installed in the first place. It should be able the handle the processing demands efficiently.

Did you know that 80% of data centers employ or are looking into installing hot or cold aisle containment systems to keep servers at the correct temperatures and reduce energy use? This is how important data center cooling is.

Your servers must not heat up during its peak operation so the software can perform seamlessly. Your data center air conditioning should be able to accommodate the demands of your servers.

Provides a More Reliable Support

Providing support to your customers is largely influenced by how reliable your data center installation is.

What you want is 100% uptime. Your call center business can gain a definite edge over your competition if it’s proven to be highly reliable. Reliability is about zero downtime.

You can achieve this with a data center construction that emphasizes on redundancy.

When you have redundancy, you can easily switch over to your backup server in case of server failure. The same applies to network and power outages.

The \”two of everything\” approach is what you should be aiming for. Two data center power distribution units, UPS systems, generators, and even outlets for each rack is ideal.

To have network redundancy, you need to have multiple telecom entrances. You should have redundant air conditioning systems too. With a proper data center construction prioritizing on redundancy, it is also recommended to have two ways for your IT staff to get in or out of the data center.

Better Security for Your Data

By 2020, at least 1/3 of all data will pass through the cloud. However, it’s still too early and risky to go for cloud computing for your type of business.

Cloud computing looks very promising on paper. Its obvious benefit is that it has a lower operational cost. Cost-efficiency is what cloud computing is aiming for. But, security is its biggest risk.

Data security is very important in every call center business. Customer records, like credit card information, should be kept safe in your database.

With your hardware and software in a single location, the data will not have to pass through the internet.

Another advantage of an on-premise data center is that your IT team can urgently respond to any incidents. Implementing changes and expanding solutions are easier. In a nutshell, you have full control of your infrastructure.

A Better Data Center Construction for Your Business

Call centers need to be reliable and secure. A data center construction Phoenix is no different than elsewhere. If it follows the same standard you learned above, you can be sure that your infrastructure will support your production well.

If you need more information about data center services be sure to check our other helpful articles. We are more than eager to provide mission-critical support solutions to your mission-critical call center business.

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