Why you should outsource website design for your business


With so much of business and commerce being conducted online these days, you have decided it is time to give your own company’s website a major makeover. That’s a smart decision seeing as 94 percent of people have rejected or been turned off from a company simply because of the website design. Yikes. But now you have an even bigger decision to make: Do you try to overhaul the website in house or do you outsource and hire a brb website design company? Below are the top reasons a b2b website design company could benefit your business so you will see those leads and profits soar.

You will save money and resources.
Working with a b2b marketing agency can be costly. But in the long run, you’ll spend less leaving it to the people who know what they’re doing. Why? Because if you try to do it in house, you’ll have to pay for training, potentially a new hire, taking a valuable employee off of another project, etc. That seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

You will get a fresh perspective.
You might think you know what is best for your company but a b2b website design company may have a new viewpoint on your site that you hadn’t even thought of. And with 94 percent of website first impressions being determined by design alone, you can’t afford to not consider all the options.

They can make it optimized for mobile.
It’s one thing to build a good looking website. It’s a completely other thing to build a good looking website that also functions properly on mobile. Most people are browsing sites and businesses on their phones and tablets these days so mobile optimization is more important than ever. Don’t believe us? 62 percent of companies that improved their mobile site saw an increase in sales.

They are the experts after all.
Regardless of your vision or your in house designer’s skill level, you can’t go wrong using a b2b website design company because that is their bread and butter, their specialty. That is what they do day in and day out and what they do best. You can read countless tech blogs or watch tutorials but you will most likely not be able to provide the same knowledge and expertise that they can.

In summary, a website overhaul can be a major project, especially if you don’t have a trained team to do it. Hiring a b2b website design company will not only make your life easier but also make your business more successful and most likely profitable. That’s a win win!

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