Why Independent Pharmacies Must Make The Move To POS Systems


It can be difficult for a ?mom and pop? pharmacy to convert to things like point of sale software systems. Point of sale systems, as convenient as they are, may be hard for some to wrap their minds around initially, leading people to wonder ?What problems will POS systems solve for you?? Software of any kind can be daunting to tackle, especially when you don?t work in a big box pharmacy and are afraid of sacrificing the personal touch independent pharmacies offer for efficiency. The fact is that using POS systems don?t mean giving up the customer care that independent pharmacies have become known for. They simply make a job done right easier for pharmacists to accomplish.

What Problems Will POS Systems Solve For You?

If you?re still asking ?What problems will POS systems solve for you?? ? don?t worry. There are answers ahead. Many associate the POS system with pharmacy cash management, but the fact is that it goes far beyond that. A POS system lets you keep track of things like customer service, what works and what doesn?t for a particular customer, employee theft, and the reduction of patient readmissions. Essential, a point of sale system is a method of keep record ? not simply of cash, but of who is spending that cash and why. This allows for pharmacists to easily pull up customer records and recognize them as individuals, not simply numbers. This goes a long way towards increasing customer loyalty.

What Kinds Of Specific Features Do POS Systems Provide?

For one thing, a POS system can solve the pesky issue of how to keep track of which prescriptions have been filled and when. It will keep a detailed record of transactions, so that a prescription won?t be accidentally refilled multiple times. A POS system can also keep a customer?s signature on file, ensuring that should a comparison be necessary, it can be done quickly and efficiently. The entire goal of a POS system is to make customer-pharmacists interactions as enjoyable and time efficient as possible ? because the last thing a customer wants to spend their day doing is waiting in line for a prescription to be filled.

Can A POS System Aid In Customer Acquisition?

Absolutely, a POS system can help you not only keep customers, but get them in the first place. A big issue that independent pharmacies have when competing with big box pharmacies is a lack of loyalty programs. Most big box pharmacies offer loyalty programs that allow customers to gain points and get deals. This can be very difficult for an independent pharmacy to do without the proper software. A POS system can help you craft loyalty programs that will keep your customers coming back. Through these systems, you can even offer gift cards. Any independent pharmacy owner knows that it?s the little things that make customers feel appreciated ? and retail pharmacy POS systems help you manage those little things.

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