Why Businesses Are Choosing IT Managed Services


As internet technology advances rapidly, the world of IT is changing too. More and more companies are switching to the cloud, and they?re also discovering the managed services model of IT. By outsourcing their technology departments to IT support companies, they achieve lower costs, greater security and more efficient services.

How the cloud is transforming the workplace
The cloud is here and it is transforming the workplace. By making communications, storage and security easier, it frees up staff to focus on core functions. IT managed services providers help your business to transfer operations to the cloud and to ensure its smooth functioning. There are many benefits for companies transferring their work to the cloud: lower costs, efficiency, security, access to the latest technology without costly investments in infrastructure, to name just a few.
At the same time, technology is changing so fast that it can be difficult for a single IT department to keep up with them. And it can be difficult for a single company to keep up with the upgrades and changes. Outsourcing IT operations to the cloud and putting them in the hands of IT support companies helps businesses to stay on top the new technology and to benefit from it.

Securing your data with reliable IT management
One of the biggest advantages of managed business IT is the extra security it provides to all online transactions. Online data is vulnerable to hacks and attacks. It takes professionals who are aware of the latest trends to keep your data safe. Small companies are especially vulnerable to data hacks, which can cost them both time and money. The average cost of a single data breach is $3.5 million, which represents an increase of 15% since 2014.
Small to medium businesses are especially vulnerable to security breaches, and as many as 55% have experienced attacks in the past year. For smaller companies, it can be difficult to staff an IT department that can competently handle the problems of data security. IT support companies offer security, and 38% of companies that use reliable managed services do so in order to ensure data protection and compliance with all federal regulations for data safety.

IT support companies offer many different types of managed services, which have considerable benefits for small to medium businesses. These include lower operating costs, greater efficiency and flexibility, and data security and compliance. With all these advantages, the IT managed services market is expected to continue growing.

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