What You Need For Customer Service Success


Everyone knows the frustration of trying to schedule an appointment or trying to get in touch with customer service during their own busy work week and then not being able to conduct business over the weekend, because the business is closed. For businesses that engage in a lot of customer service, like marketing companies or financial institutions, a measure like an automated telephone answering service or even a live receptionist answering service might be highly beneficial. If a business is concerned about the extra money this might require, rest assured: a survey of customers showed that over half of them said they’d rather pay a little more money to acquire better customer service. This is especially true for the 60% of the population who conducts customer service over the phone instead of using online resources or in-person visits. Everyone hates being put on hold or feeling like their concerns aren’t being properly met. Why not fix that with an automated telephone answering service?
Let’s Talk About What A Professional Answering Service Does
At its heart, a professional answering service exists to give a business better customer service. They deal with complaints, questions, concerns, and feedback from customers. A business may also hire such an answering service to forward on messages and can come in many different forms, from an automated telephone answering service to a more personal live telephone answering service.
What Can A Quality Answering Service Do For Your Business?
If you want to see your customer satisfaction ratings go through the roof, this is the way to do it. This type of service allows customers to contact your business at any time. For a small business, a small business answering service can maintain close contact and trust with their customer base and also help increase it via word of mouth. It’s a similar principle among bigger businesses too. Since customers are more likely to gripe about their bad experiences than praise the good ones, if you have bad customer service, that can prove to be highly detrimental to your business. The other benefit of answering services is that they can be available 24/7, all year round, meaning your business suddenly becomes much more accessible to people with odd schedules or even a typical 9-5 job.
You’ll also see a monetary payoff: 81% of customers said they’d return to a business and purchase an item after having a good customer service experience. Statistics also prove that companies who prioritize customer service have 60% increased profits over businesses who don’t prioritize customer service in the same way. Even though you may be spending a little more money to hire the answering service company, it’s highly likely that money will be returned to you by year’s end.
One of the oldest tenets of service is \”The customer is always right.\” Let the customer be right and choose your business because of its great customer service ratings, attention to their concerns and needs, and watch your customer base stay loyal and also expand, by looking into hiring a professional answering service.

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