What a Weird Tech Gadget: 13 Strangely Amazing Technologies

Technology is an ever-changing and growing world. Every day it seems like gadgets and gizmos are being created, marketed and sold. There are some truly remarkable technologies in the world that are helping so many people do incredible things. The Amazon Echo, Roomba, smart lights, and WeMo switches are all amazing technologies. However, there are also some strange technologies that are both amazing and weird. They still have their uses but they are also just plain strange, confusing or unexpected.

1. Tech-Savvy Notebook

Whether you’re a college student or industry leader, most people will agree that nothing beats paper and pencil/pen for note-taking. However, being able to access your notes even when your notepad got left at your house is a huge perk for digital note-taking. There are hundreds of apps for digital note-taking with all kinds of features from calculators to voice to text, but somehow it just isn’t the same. However, The Rocketbook Fusion combines the best of both worlds in a futuristic notebook of paper and a pen that connects to cloud services. The book features 42 different pages with a variety of formats including calendars, to-do lists, etc. when you fill up a page, they magically wipe clean with a damp cloth. Another version of the pocketbook, the wave, can be cleaned by microwaving it. Just connect to the Rocketbook App to save all your notes, plans, and doodles to the cloud. Unlike tablets, phones and touchscreen computer, the notebook and pen require no wired technology and doesn’t have to charge. Not only is this weird tech gadget convenient, but it will also save you money and the environment since you’ll never have to buy a new notebook again.


2. Countertop Composter

If you’re an avid gardener and you’re looking to save money, your plumbing, and the environment, then you really shouldn’t let vegetable peels, bread crusts, and dinner scraps go to waste or into the garbage disposal when you can turn them into a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer. Whether you’re short on space or time for an outdoor compost, a countertop version is available. The Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter can turn your scraps into fertile soil in as little as three hours. It’s odorless, the inner bin is dishwasher-safe and doesn’t require additives like enzymes, or pellets. Not only will this weird tech gadget save you time money, but it will also help reduce landfill waste and is environmentally friendly.

3. Smart Sock

Bumpers, Crib sheets, and blankets are just a few things you need to buy for baby. Another is a baby monitor. What used to be glorified walkie talkies, are now the pinnacle technologies. One weird tech gadget for baby is the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor. It’s made up of small sock jampacked with sensors and the \”base station\” which changes color based on your baby’s wellness. The sock monitors heart rate and oxygen levels and will wake you up with alarms if there are any changes. You can also get a camera that will you see your baby anytime you’re feeling nervous.


4. Touch-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser

The last thing you want for members of your family is for them to fall ill, and then you really don’t want that illness to spread to the rest of your family. One way you can take extra precautions when it comes to avoiding germs is with touch-free gear for heavy traffic areas of your home. Bathrooms and kitchens are especially busy, so cut down on the changes of shared germs with a touch-free soap dispenser. The SimpleHuman touch-free dispenser has a quick, steady flow, and seals completely to avoid drips and messes. Large families or families with lots of children can be sure no soap will go to waste with a gizmo on their bathroom counters and by their kitchen sinks.

5. Waterproof Notepad

Everyone knows the best ideas come in the shower. But the moment you leave, the brilliant thoughts you had about some new weird tech gadget that would change the world are gone. Well, there’s actually a piece of tech to help you with that. Aquanotes notebooks have 40 sheets of waterproof paper and come with a special pencil with an eraser. The notepad sticks to the wall with the help of suction cups and the pages are easily removed and recycled. The waterproof notepad is also great to take to swimming pools, beaches, and water parks so you can keep your thoughts together, make notes, or whatnot without worrying about water ruining your day.


6. Heated Knife

There is nothing more heartbreaking than ruining fresh bread or a warm muffin with cold, unyielding butter. While humanity still hasn’t made a knife that can toast the bread as you’re slicing it, you can get the next best thing from this weird tech gadget. The THAT! Serrated Butter Knife is heated via copper heat transfer that uses your own body heat to melt the butter perfectly. It has a slightly serrated edge, it’s kid-safe and you can toss it in the dishwasher. Butter is also far from the only thing it can spread, it can handle peanut almond, and every other variety of nut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, jam and jellies, and even cookie butter.

7. Swiss-Tech Utili-Key

If you’re a fan of multitools but don’t want to carry your 60-function pocket-knife everywhere, then this gadget is for you. This swiss army knife-like gadget is one of the smallest and lightest multitools you’ll ever use. The Utili-Key is not much bigger than an actual key and despite its look and size, it has quite a few functions. The key has a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a micro-sized screwdriver, a straight blade knife, a serrated blade knife, and a bottle opener, look more on https://www.thedublinpainters.ie/. Like any key, it attaches to your key chain or ring and even features a special release in order to remove it quickly for use. This weird tech gadget Perfect for quick repairs and emergencies, you might even forget it’s there.


8. Fish Finder

Few things are as relaxing as sitting in a fishing boat, with a pole in the water, pulling up fish. However, sometimes it’s not so relaxing and more frustrating. However, when you can’t catch a fish what you supposed to do? Well, this weird tech gadget can help you out. Using radar technology, the IBobber can tell you all about the fish in your favorite including where they gather and when they gather. It connects to your smartphone so you can see what’s happening beneath the waves and catch the bass that’s been eluding you. Especially useful for ice and night fishing, and in deep water, it’s a great gizmo for the modern fisherman.

9. Woodland Style

There are plenty of reasons to want to get away from society for a while, maybe you’re dealing with a divorce or a job loss, either way heading to the wilderness on your own can be refreshing. There are plenty of ways to get out in the woods for a good adventure. You could be headed out on foot, your trusted ATV, favorite dirt bikes, or an old mountain bike. However, one way you might not know about is the off-read segway. The larger than normal segway can go up 20 km/hr and can handle any terrain. With its large offroad tires, a slightly larger base, and cargo handles to secure your stuff, you’ll be seeing the woods in style.


10. Magnetic Finger

Ever wished you could feel a hard drive spin or sense electricity in cords and cables? Jesse Jarrell and Steve Haworth wanted to install magnets in their fingers so they could carry metal objects easier. That idea failed, but not before they learned that a rare earth magnet could allow you to feel electromagnetic fields. Not many have had the implant put into their ring fingers as it not done by a plastic surgeon, but body modification artists like those who perform piercings. Those who do have one describe the feeling of magnetic fields as a buzzing or a tingling sensation. It’s strange for sure but it could come in hand for electricians and computer scientists looking to find out if the wire is live.

11. Smart Stress

Stress can lead to all kinds of issues and health problems. Dealing with stress can be difficult and frustrating. Luckily there are plenty of gadgets to help, like the smart stress ball. This weird tech gadget can help with your anxiety and stress while helping your grip strength. With the app connected, you can watch how your strength improves with exercises to try, and games to play against AI or your peers. It’s a strangely smart solution for stress.


12. Smart Cooking

Cooking is hard, there is a ton variable to take into account to make sure your recipe comes out perfectly. Fortunately, you take the guesswork out of it. SmartyPan is a Bluetooth frying pan that lets you automatically record and share recipes as you cook. The pan has weight and temperature sensors, a lead-free nonstick ceramic coated cooking surface, and allows for voice input. The cooking liner has a ceramic coating makes the cooking surface safe and non-reactive. It’s powered by a 2500 mAH rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.: for quick and even heat distribution. This weird tech gadget is also waterproof and the cooking container is dishwasher safe.

13. Cookie Time

Easybake Ovens are possibly one the greatest things man has invented. However, if you’re grown adult and still want help with repair or replacement an Easy-bake oven, there’s something for you. The Chip WiFi-connected oven that you pop a “cookie pod,” into and in no time you fresh baked cookies. The app notifies you when your batch is done and lets you order new pods as you wish. This Keurig for cookies is an amazing piece of technology because of its size it can be taken and used places where there may not be accessible to full-size ovens, like dorms and hotels to make sure you always have a snack.

There are a lot more strangely weird but helpful gadgets. As technology advances further every day you can only guess at what kind of weird tech gadget is next. Maybe the

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