Understanding Server Racks


If you own a database company or wonder where a company’s computers all go, they are stored in a server room. A server room is a room that houses computers in smaller numbers. Larger server groups are housed in data centers. Either way, computer

racks are needed to store these servers in an organized fashion.

When building a server room with computer racks, it is important to make sure that none of the walls to the room are external walls, this will ensure that even temperature is maintained within the room.

But what is the purpose of a computer rack? First of all, the standard size is a 19 inch server rack, which is an enclosure for mounting modules, which are also 19 inches wide. Server rack cabinets and computer cabinets help companies achieve proper functionality for IT systems as well as allow for a cohesive design and achieve aesthetic goals. Computer racks help make the management and organization of a data center more cost and time efficient because the servers are easily accessible.

The earliest computer rooms used Halon gas as a fireproofing method, but this gas was soon proven to be ozone depleting and dangerous to human health. The 19 inch rack arrangement is used in the telecommunication, computing, audio, video, and entertainment industries as a way to keep hardware organized.

A few things to consider when selecting a server rack: How will the servers be kept cool? Climate is one of the most crucial factors that affects the energy consumption of a server room. The room must remain at an even, low temperature so the hardware doesn’t overheat and malfunction — this could cause serious repercussions such as loss in valuable data and information.

Another consideration for which rack mount to purchase are security features. If, for example, you are a company working in connection with the New York Stock Exchange, or are working on a state healthcare project, you will want to make sure no one without proper authorization makes their way into your server room. The second line of defense is a locked server rack self to ensure that even if someone does get into the server room, they will not be able to access any of the computers.

Today’s computer racks are composed of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and a thermo stamped composite material. These are mainly used for very demanding military and commercial uses. Fiber reinforced plastic has also been used since 1965. Visit here for more.

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