Tips and Tricks on Liquid Solutions

Tips and Tricks on the Performance of Your Server

There are multiple techniques on how to increase server performance and several of them can result in boosting their functions. It’s extremely relevant that you verify the basic input/output settings after turning on a new server. The reason for this is the server administrators have to become accustomed to the technology in order to establish and make the most use of depreciated server features. How does liquid cooling work you ask; let’s explain.

The data centers that use liquid immersion cooling are compact, modular, green, and highly efficient. This can save up to ninety-nine percent of electrical usage compared to traditional cooling systems. This is also referred to as liquid submersion cooling which submerges computer components into a thermally conductive liquid. This transfers the heat from the working parts directly into the working fluid.

Another way how to increase server performance is by way of a computer rack server. Aisle arrangements are important to assist with data center cooling and air flow. This is when the measurement of row-to-row gaping in-between the center are neighboring to aisles that are cold. The importance of this is because the closeness of the racks to the floor is directly connected to density of power and temperature gauging of the space.

Liquid cooling is a water cooled rack that places servers in racks and is used to drop the temperature. Because water is a conductor for electricity flow, the water never touches the actual components. Now how to increase server performance is by way of water flowing through the pipes into cooling tower pumps and then it runs parallel to the server behind a protective shield. This method allows the cold water to bring down the thermal heat of the computers working parts.

Obviously these methods provide comparable cooling performance to air-based systems and this could make them a perfect solution for data centers. These are typically tinier and likely will incase more high-density hardware. Creating the facilities from the foundation with liquid cooling solutions will give them more room to pack computing ability in a smaller spaces. Also this will lend them more versatile companies that are expecting more from data centers.

Though liquid cooling solutions won’t replace air conditioning systems it is becoming an attractive solution for many companies. For these data centers with high-density deployments or powerful machine learning services, liquid cooling delivers a more effective and efficient cooling style and allows for more space.

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