Three Reasons to Call an IT Company


Every year a business faces threats that could easily compromise their data. There are times where the event could be on a smaller scale, commonly seen when an employee accidentally deletes a piece of important material. However, there can also be much larger scale incidents that threaten the entire future of a company. In this post, we will be discussing three reasons your business can lose data. If you find that any of the situations you’re about to see are currently happening to you, it is advisable to consider calling an it support company.

  1. Hacking – Each and every year, businesses are under the threat of potential hacking attacks. You’ve likely seen stories of companies who have been hacked, threatening not just their future but the information of their customer database. These hacks are not just a week of bad press for a company, it is likely their reputation will be damaged for quite a while. When operating your business, you will want a managed service provider that can protect you from being hacked. Hackers are always coming up with new ways to get into a business. Choose an it consulting company that will work to always keep them out and away from your business. Statistics show that 13% of data losses were due to hackers deleting important information. Unfortunately, 20% of small businesses will end up having to undergo the stress that comes with their business being hacked, within a period of one year.
  2. Viruses – Like hacking, viruses are a threat that businesses must always be prepared for. Having high network security helps to ensure that no viruses catch your business off guard. Constant network monitoring should be put into place to always give you peace of mind that your business is running safely. It is important to not open unknown emails or files to keep your computer network free of viruses. However, there are situations where viruses can still get within a company’s computer network. Those creating computer viruses keep continuing to find sneaky ways to get inside of a network. All it takes is one employee mistake for a breach to occur, which is why you always want it services at your disposal.
  3. Employee Errors – Sometimes, we have days where we make mistakes. If an employee accidentally deletes important data and you do not have any it solutions in place to fix this, you could find your company in hot water. Statistics show that 47% of lost data was the result of end-users deleting information and 17% was due to data being overwritten. When the previously mentioned data was lost, information would have to be restored from what is known as a backup. However, for businesses without a managed service provider they might not have a backup in place. Anyone can accidentally delete an important file or folder. It’s crucial that your business has some sort of backup in place for when data is lost.

In closing, having a managed service provider can save your business from many headaches. The constant threat of hackers attacking your business is one you should always be prepared for. Viruses can be created and sent through all sorts of paths to entry. Sometimes, you can lose important data that isn’t even the result of a hacking attempt or nasty virus. An employee error, while innocent in intention, can have a devastatingly negative effect on the integrity of a company. Managed service providers are able to effectively handle most data-related issues that a business can face.

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