The Best Web Design Ideas to Attract Clients


The corporate world is very much like a shark tank where businesses will try a number of tactics to place themselves head of the competition. With the introduction of the digital age, the game has changed to rely heavily on web design and development. Here are three web design ideas to elevate your business’ digital presence to the next level.

Optimal Web Design
Since information is traveling at faster rates than ever before, customers are becoming increasingly picky as 40% of people will simply abandon a web page if it does not load within three seconds. The right web design ideas will help you to optimize your web page to be both attractive and quick to navigate. Inspired Magazine says that you have only 10 seconds to make an impression on your client by properly communicating your company’s ideas through your website. This means being able to deliver information in faster ways at the convenience of the viewer: 70% of people will read a list with bullets while only 55% of people will read lists with no bullets.

Mobile Compatibility
The introduction of mobile devices has changed the very way that we frame our lives by changing shopping, entertainment, and networking forever. The business world too must learn to adapt lest they risk being left behind in the digital wave. Nearly 46% of mobile users said they had difficulty when interacting with a webpage while 44% said that navigation was difficult. Up to 62% of those companies with websites that are designed with mobile interactivity in mind have seen increased sales. Since four out of every five consumers use smartphones to shop, it only makes sense that those businesses that continue to realize their web design ideas will survive in the shark tank.

Search Engine Optimization Services
Some of the world’s most popular search engine services like Google and Yahoo are responsible for influencing up to 88% of business purchase decisions. Those who buy online are generally eager to spontaneously buy the product in question with 70% of mobile searches that prompt online action within a single hour. Search engine optimization services (SEO services) are available to help your business gain influence on local search engine searches. This can help you attract new customers and also help companies to grow their digital presence. SEO companies have been known for proven advertising results through the creation of unique content designed to both inspire and inform potential clients to consider your business’ service or goods for their life.

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