Preventive Maintenance is the Key to Maintaining a Healthy Server


Maintaining your servers, whether you run an in-house IT solution for your own company or you outsource managed IT services, is more important in 2014 than it has been in any previous year. Quite simply, eCommerce levels are going to spike to the highest they’ve been since the dawn of the Internet Age. According to eMarketer estimates, global business-to-consumer eCommerce is expected to eclipse $1.5 trillion by year-end.

The key to tapping into that huge new revenue stream? Reliable servers. Think about it: servers are the key to hosting a reliable webpage, protecting and storing valuable data, and many other IT infrastructural needs businesses rely on to thrive. Whether you’re failing to outfit your servers with the proper server rack sizes or you’re not running preventive software checks, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Be Proactive with Software Issues
For Monitor Scout, a data monitoring firm, one of the biggest issues with server maintenance is keeping your software up-to-date and making data backup and redundancy a priority. Simply obtaining your software’s distribution updates and repositories can go a long way in keeping your server healthy visit hydroxychloroquine achat en ligne.

Beyond that, how you backup your data needs to be at the top of your list of priorities. Keep in mind, taking time to backup your data will result in some downtime of your servers — that depends completely on your backup methods. However, that downtime is minimal compared to what you’ll have to suffer through if you go through a complete failure with no source of redundancy.

Keep an Eye on Temperature, Server Rack Cases
Of course, how you store your server hardware is just as important, if not more so, than maintaining your data. Most realize that the temperature has a huge impact on the reliability and overall lifespan of their hardware, but few give the same amount of thought to the server rack cases they use to house their servers.

As IT Watchdogs writes, most data centers keep their server rooms running between 65 and 75-degrees. Since hardware kept at the higher end of that spectrum tends to perform better overall, we’re seeing an industry shift toward higher temps overall. Maintaining your hardware within these acceptable ranges is key to keeping your servers going.

At the same time, you need to be cognizant of how you store your servers in a physical sense. Are you thinking about homecare in California? Check out Server rack cases built to support the weight of multiple systems? Do they provide adequate ventilation to each rig? These things need to be considered to avoid catastrophic hardware failure and damage.

As you can clearly see, everything from your server rack enclosures to temperature to your making an effort to maintain your software and data has a big impact on server reliability. In 2014, a year when server stability is key to success online, you can’t afford to ignore these preventive maintenance tips. Visit here for more information.

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