Is Rotational Molding Right for Me?


Rotational molding is a process used to transform raw material, usually powdered plastic, into a part. Working as a machine operator for a rotational molder is a very important position to hold in any company. Impeccable execution is a quality often looked for in a person that uses a rotational molder. In this post, we will discuss what it takes to work in this industry, what qualities make a good rotational molder operator, and a great source to attain rotational molding positions.

The experience needed to work with a rotational molder will vary from business to business. Some companies will have entry level positions that do not require training. However, other companies may require that you have previously worked with a rotational molder. There are certain courses that you can take to help you learn more about proper machine operation. In addition, certain companies may require that you have had previous experience using tools.

There are certain characteristics that, if you have them, would make you better suited to a machine operation position. Working with a rotational molder certainly isn’t going to be like an office job with lots of sitting. You’ll need to ensure that you handle changing weather conditions and temperatures. Most machine operation work will have you either a factory or a warehouse. In the previously mentioned building types, there isn’t always air conditioning or heat.

Those who use rotational molders for their position knows that long periods of standing can be commonplace. If you are interested in attaining one of the many rotational molding positions available, ensure that you wear comfortable work boots. Also, ensure that you are able to safely move items that can weigh up to 50 lbs. You will often be carrying around containers and molds while working with a rotational molder.

One of the best ways to find rotational molding positions is by working with a recruiting firm. Recent statistics show that in 2013, businesses hired 5.9% of their external candidates through search firms, the highest percentage reported in over a decade! Needless to say, a growing number of businesses are realizing the importance of using a recruiting company.

Many people don’t like the waiting game that comes with applying for a job without the use of a recruiting company. However, you should notice much quicker times to find a job by working with a recruiter. In 2013, the average time to fill a position was six days for temp positions, eight days for contract work, while permanent positions took around 32 days. In a recent survey, 71% of survey takers stated that they have a shortage of skilled workers, will you take the action to lower that number for the next business you work for?

In summary, a rotational molding operator is a great career path with many openings. Certain business may require that you have previous experience in the field, while others will provide training once you’ve been hired. A comfort level of standing up to work and being in a warehouse environment are important criteria to make sure that rotational molding is a good match for you. Using a recruiting firm to attain a position in the field of rotational molding is a wise choice. In most cases, a recruiter can find you the job you want much quicker than if you were hunting one down on your own.

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