Improve Office Meeting Productivity with Cisco CallManager

If you’re employed, chances are you spend some of your working time in meetings. Whether you’re facilitating them or simply sitting in and listening, meetings become a big part of working for employees across a variety of industries. In fact, they’re so common that it’s estimated that an average of 11 million meetings take place in the United States each day, and that a single employee attends an average of 62 different meetings per month. That’s a lot of time spent in meetings. According to studies conducted by the National Statistics Council, about 37 percent of any given employee’s time is spent sitting in meetings. Unfortunately, many managers and meeting facilitators have long lamented the fact that many of their meetings aren’t all that productive. Why? Well, according to them many meetings are simply too inefficient. But they don’t have to be. By using cisco cucm, otherwise known as Cisco Unified Communications Manager, meetings don’t have to be unproductive and boring. Instead, they’ll begin yielding desirable results and better efficiency.

In the coming years, cisco unified communications tools such as cisco jabber, cisco webex meeting, and CallManager are expected to grow in popularity as more and more employees begin working remotely because they make it easier for team members to communicate no matter where they are. As an added bonus, tools like the Cisco CallManager work on any type of device and are fully integrated to accommodate video or voice conferences, mobility, and messaging. The tool is easy and straight forward to use and comes equipped with security features such as encryption, authentication, and other important protocols to keep data and organization information secure.

In addition to streamlining meetings and making it easier for team members to connect, cisco cucm makes it easier to attract top-level talent because it makes it easier for employees to work remotely. Think about it, with video and voice conferencing tools, many companies can begin hiring more remote workers. Studies show more employees are in favor of remote work than ever before, and companies may be able to save money by hiring remote workers versus in-house workers. It’s something to consider, for sure.

Does your company utilize video or voice conferencing tools such as Cisco CallManager? If not, what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of the cisco unified communications solutions today.

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