Improper File Transfer Can Lead to Major Security Breaches


Data loss has affected nearly 70% of people in the business world. Losing important information is detrimental to productivity, and it poses a bigger threat when the information lost is private or protected. In recent years, many large companies, like PayPal and Target, have suffered from security breaches that resulted in the loss of their customers’ personal financial information. This not only has a negative impact on revenue, but also customer trust and loyalty. How can businesses avoid such disaster? It begins with choosing the right method for storing and transferring sensitive data.

Filer Transfer Services

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is one way to transfer data between hosts over a network. This method is popular because it allows large amounts of information to be transferred and can be accessed from remote locations. While a FTP server is currently used by many businesses, caution should be exercised with the type of data that is stored and transferred this way. FTP does not provide a secure connection, nor does it use encryption to protect information. A SFTP server is a secure file transfer service that ensures that data is transferred over a secure stream, decreasing the possibility of information being hacked.

File Audit Software

It is important to provide a secure method for data to travel between hosts, but it is also important to invest in file audit software to keep track of potential security breaches. File audit software acts as a watchdog for businesses’ important information. It monitors attempts from both outside and inside the network to access secure files. Automated alerts can be set up to notify the right people when a security threat is present. This software performs regular checks on file access, deletion and ownership changes, making major security breaches less likely.

Protecting private information is more important now for businesses than it ever was before, but doing so is also more difficult. It takes the right software and proper precautions to ensure that data is safe from potential hacks. Data loss prevention solutions can save a business, and its customers, from the suffering and hardships that accompany a major security breach. See this link for more.

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